We're growing and looking for Puzl CowOrKing's Global Voice!

Wait, what?

Yeah we know, that’s a cool title, isn’t it?🤩  

More in particular it’s a hybrid of a Creative lead, a Community builder (that’s some deep stuff), a Brand designer and master Storyteller.  All of this with the heart and the soul of a DOer.

Exciting, right? And wait that’s not all. You’ll be in charge of all our global communication, PR and marketing activites, advise us on product development, keep an eye out on what's happening in the coworking market and make sure our community is connected, collaborative and set up for growth within and out of the Puzl walls.

You’ll be working closely with your team of Local Voices to make sure we build a strong presence and connections in local IT ecosystems.

To succeed in this role, you should be able to think creatively and think in solutions rather than theory. We believe in unconventional marketing, the power of the community, partnerships and collaboration - that’s why you’ll not need to run paid advertisement campaign on Facebook while you are at Puzl. You’ll find much better tools and stories with us that’ll help us rise above the fray.

As you might have gotten the idea already, this is definitely not a walk down the beaten path. We’re also a bit weird and like it like that. So if you are ready to get down to business and be weird with us, read along :)

Who we are

Ah, right! We should probably explain. In short, we're a group of enthusiastic humans who are building IT-only coworking spaces for IT humans across CEE. We’ve started 6 years ago with 70 members. Now we are 800 and we are expanding to Budapest. Our community will soon be 2000 IT humans and will keep multiplying each year.

We have audacious goals fueled by passion and we achieve them through craftsmanship and collaboration.

Learn more about all that at puzl.com

Who you are

  • An experienced professional with 7+ years of relevant experience, 2+ years of team lead experience
  • That’d be pretty cool for a start!
  • Be fully capable of understanding the coworking business and how the startup and ecosystem functions so you can help us reach the next level.
  • So that you can understand how to translate information into stories.
  • That means you have exceptional storytelling skills.
  • You have a natural ease of building and sustaining communities.
  • Marketing is rather a passion than a profession of yours.
  • You have business development skills.
  • You act as a business owner in your field.
  • You are a self-starter. You don't wait for someone to tell you what to do.
  • You are a strategic thinker and a servant leader.
  • You are hyper-logical.
  • Organized and super creative at the same time.
  • You get things done.
  • You can spot opportunities (see “the big picture”) and act on them.
  • This means you can execute an idea from A to Z.
  • Have a keen eye for design.
  • You are not afraid to speak up.
  • You learn and grow from feedback.
  • You are open-minded.
  • You practice positive mental attitude. All day. Every day.
  • You’re a bit weird too. 🙃
  • Global means global. And since you’ll be in charge of telling Puzl’s story across the CEE region you’ll need to have an exceptional level of English. Both written and spoken. Bonus points for any other CEE language.
  • Fully competent in modern-day communication platforms and marketing tools.
  • Bonus points if you have technical skills relevant to the position (Photoshop, photography, some UX).
  • More bonus points if you are so outgoing that you eat public speaking and live interviews for breakfast.

What you will do

  • You are in charge of the Puzl brand globally.  
  • You will design and lead Puzl’s communication to ensure that we are consistently represented within the right channels, with the right message.
  • You are the owner and evangelist of all of our marketing and communication channels, tools, and platforms (social media, email marketing, website, listings, etc)
  • You are the original voice of Puzl. That means tone of voice, communication and visual consistency is achieved in everything we do.
  • You are the master storyteller and will make sure to translate information into compelling stories.
  • Writing cheeky social media posts or community blog posts will be part of your daily routine.
  • You are in charge of our marketing and brand knowledge base. If we don’t have something, you’ll build it.
  • Manage our public relations - from new country opening campaign to conference representation to investor communication. It's the whole 360 baby  
  • We value our community above all else. Make sure people in Puzl have a way to connect and collaborate with each other. Create community initiatives.  Design and implement tools and best practices for that.
  • Make sure that our community’s stories are also told. If they have a win, we all have a win.
  • Strike global-level partnerships with other CEE startup ecosystems, accelerators, incubators, investors, universities and top-of-the-class tech events and bring more value to our members.
  • Don’t just get discounts from partners, built long-lasting, meaningful relationships with them.
  • All in all you will need to know your stuff, collect data from different locations and make logical and wise decisions related to the development of the Puzl brand and business.  
  • You’ll also lead and work closely with Local Voices in each country Puzl is present in.
  • You’ll provide them with the necessary knowledge, training, tools, and templates for them to succeed in their country.  
  • There's one thing everyone at Puzl does and so will you.
  • We are the first line of support for our members. It doesn't matter what's your role.
  • If a member comes to you with a problem you do not turn them back. We help. Always.
  • To do all that you will have to not only act as, but be a true coworking and Puzl evangelist. So you really need to like us.

What you should know

  • We don't have bosses. We have team leaders.
  • You will be a part of a team.
  • You are not a lone wolf.
  • Each team defines and organizes their work.
  • We trust the team to execute it.
  • We are all doers.
  • We don't micromanage.
  • We don't meddle.
  • But we discuss.
  • And we can help (If you want us to).
  • We all make mistakes.
  • But we don't deal in excuses.
  • And we don't blame.
  • We try to pinpoint the problem and remove it.
  • If you fail once, it's fine.
  • But we will expect you'll learn a lesson.
  • And not repeat the same mistake twice.
  • Scrum is what keeps us in check.
  • And Jira is what keep us on track.
  • We work like that.
  • So are you interested?

Why join?

  • You matter.
  • You have freedom.
  • We share. The knowledge we have. The success we achieve. The load, when it becomes too much.
  • We have an amazing office (won the Best Coworking in the CEE region title 2x).
  • You are going to be part of Puzl’s network of IT hubs in CEE.
  • You will connect with some of the most influential entrepreneurs and startup founders in the region.
  • You get to work on huge projects with a lot at stake.
  • It's incredibly challenging.
  • But rewarding and fulfilling.

You will be located full-time in Sofia.

It is an advantage if you have some entrepreneurial background and know your way around building a business.

We know this is a super-challenging role that wears many hats and needs to have a broad skill set. If you are still reading this, that means you feel confident you possess some if not most of the skills for it.

If you are the unicorn we are looking for, but miss some freckles still, don’t worry! No one is 100% done in life anyway. 😊 Give us a heads up about what you feel confident in and what you will need help with.

How to apply?

Send your CV and a couple of words why you got excited about becoming our Global Voice and why we should be excited about you to careers@puzl.com and let’s get talkin'!