Wait, what?

It’s an amazing time to join Puzl CowOrKing as we are kicking our expansion in Central and Eastern Europe into a higher gear. We are bringing the awesomeness of IT coworking spaces to thousands of new people across the CEE region by creating truly functional (and gorgeous!) coworking spaces.Ready to learn more? Let’s get right to it.Who are you people?Ah, right! We should probably explain. In short, we're a group of young professionals who are building IT-only coworking spaces for IT humans across CEE. So far, we've built 6 of them, plus a rooftop community hub in Sofia, Bulgaria and we are currently expanding to Budapest. In Sofia our coworking is currently home to 1000 IT humans. Learn more at Puzl CowOrKing.

About the role

This is where YOU come in. We are looking for a person who has a true passion for interior and furniture design to help us shape further the distinct style of our coworkings.As an Interior Decorator, you will be responsible for finding extraordinary, ready-made interior and furniture solutions that suit our style. You will help Puzl community members bring more beauty, convenience and comfort to their offices by selecting different types of furniture, wall decorations, and shelves for them. You will also pick furniture and interior design solutions for our kitchen areas and shared community spaces.

Who you are

∙Your mission is to create beautiful spaces and find the best furniture deals on the market.
∙You understand how to combine colors, shapes and materials.
∙You have a unique eye for design and enjoy experimenting.
∙You have the patience and curiosity to get to the right piece of furniture.
∙You are creative, but also punctual and efficient.
∙When something needs to be done you roll up your sleeves and get it done.
∙You always strive to improve yourself personally and professionally.
∙You saw photos of our CowOrKing and thought “Damn, I want to be part of this”.
∙ You are not afraid to speak up and express your opinion.You are open to feedback and hungry for new knowledge and experiences.

What you’ll probably do

∙Collaborate with our team on Puzl’s new and existing spaces.
∙Create mood boards/mockups for specific areas.
∙Search for new solutions and non-custom furniture.
∙Find unique vintage elements to fit in our spaces.
∙Create new partnerships with suppliers.
∙Choose and order non-custom furniture & decorations.
∙Order materials for our furniture and interior solutions.
∙Follow-up on requested designs, collect feedback from the community and team members.
∙Select, order, and organize stock of ready-made furniture.
∙Administer furniture-related tasks, take care of contracts, offers, invoices and deliveries.
∙Select and order art and deco solutions for the coworking.

What we need you to be

∙Creative and unconventional thinker.
∙With a good knowledge of design, colour and materials.
∙Excited about industrial design.
∙Great negotiator and communicator.
∙With impressive organizational skills and a keen eye for details.
∙People-oriented with positive life and work attitude.
∙Excited about spending hours in digging up the best possible interior elements for our coworkings.
∙Bonus points if you have experience with Sketchup and Photoshop.
∙English speaking. Of course.

What you should know

∙We don't have bosses.
∙We have team leaders.
∙You will be a part of a team.
∙You are not a lone wolf.
∙Each team defines and organizes their work.
∙We trust the team to execute it.
∙We are all doers.
∙And we can help (If you want us to).
∙We all make mistakes. But we don't deal in excuses.
∙And we don't blame.
∙We try to pinpoint the problem and remove it.
∙If you fail once it's fine.
∙But we will expect you'll learn a lesson.
∙And not repeat the same mistake twice.
∙Scrum is what keeps us in check.
∙And Jira is what keep us on track.
∙We work like that.

Why join

∙You matter.
∙You have freedom.
∙Work in a unique office in one of the most emblematic buildings in Sofia.
∙The work is challenging.
∙With projects abroad.
∙But rewarding and fulfilling.
∙We share knowledge.
∙We pay based on skills.
∙And market dynamics.
∙Not negotiations.


Send us your CV and portfolio to careers@puzl.com