👋 Hey there! We are Puzl CowOrKing, arguably the best IT Coworking in CEE. We even have awards to show for that! 😊

We are actively expanding our business in Sofia, Budapest and beyond and because the team is growing too, we are looking for an awesome, communicative and open-minded person to take care of us and take over the HR responsibilities.

Wait, what?

Look, it's pretty simple. Our team is growing constantly and we want to keep it that way. That means investing more time in recruiting great humans, onboarding them, showing them our quirky ways, regularly checking up on how they (well, we) are doin', and making sure our culture and team rituals are well-looked after.

Who are you people!?

Ah, right! We should probably explain. In short, we're a growing group of seriously professional weirdos who are building IT-only coworking spaces for IT humans across the CEE region. So far, we've built 6 spaces plus a rooftop community hub in Sofia, Bulgaria and we are currently expanding to Budapest. In Sofia our coworking is currently home to more than 1,000 IT humans. We believe details matter and so to make sure that we are building the best coworkings out there, we are doing most of the work in-house. That means from finding buildings, designing and renovating them all the way to managing the spaces and building a strong community in them. Oh, we even built our own app for managing the coworkings.

Learn more at Puzl CowOrKing | The Best IT Coworking in CEE.

About the role.

This is where YOU come in. We are looking for a human who understands the importance of getting the right people in a team, and the nuances of communicating and working with humans, to join our Sofia team. You will focus on recruiting and onboarding new people in Puzl and handling their core HR needs, so you obviously need to enjoy working with people. We all want to be happy in our work and life and we count on you to help us realize that life ain't as complicated as we sometimes make it to be. We love spending time together so we will appreciate your lead in organizing team activities and handling team rituals.

As the ancient Chinese proverb says: Happy team. Happy business. Happy team.

Its all ️️️️☯

You will not be alone in your endeavors! We’ve got most of the HR administrative part of the work covered already and you will work with our Co-COOs when it comes to HR strategy, implementing new initiatives, and fostering culture.

Who you are.

  • You are great at discovering talented humans.
  • You love meeting lots of humans and they love meeting you.
  • You are a great listener and can easily gain people's trust.
  • You happily invest your time in building relationships.
  • You try to understand the real cause behind people’s problems and worries.
  • You are great at reading and assessing humans.
  • You know the difference between hard and soft skills.
  • You also know the difference between the two types of architects. You know how to recruit them both. 😊
  • You can handle and maintain confidential information.
  • You think first, then act.
  • You know that what you say and how you say it matters a lot.
  • You can say "no" when you have to.
  • You care about getting things done.
  • You are not afraid to speak up and challenge how we do things.
  • You are emotionally mature enough to not let feelings get in the way of work.

What you probably will do.

  • First comes the recruitment part.
  • We need new humans, but only the best humans.
  • You will cover the full recruitment cycle for our teams and will help them get those very best humans.
  • This includes candidate discovery, active recruitment, candidate screening, initial interviews, and coordinating with team leads for the next steps.
  • Once a human joins you'll need to ensure they are properly onboarded and integrated into Puzl.
  • Make sure they understand our culture and engage in it.
  • You need to make sure the humans in the team are happy.
  • It means organizing team activities, trainings, and driving the team rituals.
  • You'll be in charge of them (we'll be there to help).
  • You’ll also participate in performance reviews, coaching, and conflict resolution if need be.

What we need you to be.

  • Doer with a people-first mindset.
  • Have at least 3 years of professional experience in the field of HR and recruitment.
  • Bonus points if you gained that experience in an IT or startup company.
  • Understand the needs of a scaling team. And know how to act on them.
  • Detail-oriented and discreet.
  • Great communicator.
  • Good at organizing stuff.
  • Ready to walk the talk when it comes to our company culture.
  • We are a multinational coworking ergo you need to speak fluent English
  • Tech-savvy.

What you should know.

  • We don't have bosses. We have team leaders.
  • You will be a part of a team.
  • You are not a lone wolf.
  • Each team defines and organizes its work.
  • We trust the team to execute it.
  • We are all doers.
  • We don't micromanage.
  • We don't meddle.
  • But we discuss.
  • And we can help (If you want us to).
  • We all make mistakes.
  • But we don't deal in excuses.
  • And we don't blame.
  • We try to pinpoint the problem and remove it.
  • If you fail once, it's fine.
  • But we will expect you'll learn a lesson.
  • And not repeat the same mistake twice.
  • Scrum is what keeps us in check.
  • And Jira is what keeps us on track.
  • We work like that.

Why join?

  • You matter.
  • You have freedom.
  • We share. The knowledge we have. The success we achieve. The load, when it becomes too much.
  • Work in a truly unique environment with some of the brightest people in Bulgaria.
  • You're part of our community and network of IT hubs in CEE.
  • It’ll be challenging.
  • But rewarding and fulfilling.

How to apply?

Send your CV and a Motivation letter (or call it anything you like) about what got you excited about becoming our HR Specialist and why we should be excited about you to careers@puzl.com