Wait, what?

You read it right. We are looking for a marketing and events professional who has stellar experience working in the hospitality industry to help us position Barter as a  great place for social and community gatherings while managing all things events and parties there.

We at Barter believe in dual-leadership, so know, you’ll not be running the show alone! You’ll have help and support from your co-lead who manages the food and beverages side of Barter.

Sounds intriguing? Then read along!

Who are you people?

Barter Community Hub was born as a place to exchange world-altering ideas, knowledge and experience, while having fun, a bite and a drink. It is a place where any visitor can feel welcomed and part of a community.

Barter is not a typical bar, nor it's a typical café. We aim to bring a creative mix of the best recipes around the world. Sandwich? French! Salad? Moroccan! Cocktail? Whatever the jet set is currently drinking in NYC!

Serving people the best stuff is one thing. We want to serve them the best time as well. That’s why the soul of Barter are the numerous different events and get-togethers that fortify the people together to a community and keep them coming back, back, back again!

Located on the rooftop of the ex Zavod Vitosha, with an amazing 360° view. Barter was called to life by the people behind the award-winning Puzl CowOrKing, which is the biggest coworking and IT community in Bulgaria. And now we are ready to take the Community Hub concept to the next level.

Check us out at: Barter - Community Hub | Eat, Play, Learn and Share!

About the role.

This is where YOU come in! You are a marketing-savvy and organized person so you will know how to make Barter stand out from the crowd, we know you’re a crafty communicator when it comes to putting places on the map. You can create and manage events from 20 to 200 people with your eyes closed. That means assisting external event organizers in realizing their events in Barter, but it also means coming up with new events yourself and organizing them. On top of it all, you already gained some experience in working for a bar, a restaurant or an event space and are familiar with business processes and people management in the hospitality industry.

We will trust you to keep bringing great events, an extraordinary crowd and a top of the top service so anyone stepping in the door can feel welcomed and cared for at all times.

We are community-driven and therefore expect every person on our team to be an active member of our community at Puzl by sharing their time, experience, and knowledge when needed. This applies even more to you as events and communication will be your 'number #1 game'.

Who you are.

  • You are passionate about networking, events, and communities in general.
  • You are super organized and can work independently.
  • You are also a pretty good communicator.
  • You are creative and business-savvy at the same time.
  • You are passionate about great service in general.
  • You know what needs to be done to make a place stand out from the rest.
  • You act as a business owner in your field.
  • You care about the little details and getting things done.
  • You can evaluate a situation and take decisions on your own.
  • You are self-motivated, highly organized, and able to prioritize.
  • You thrive in a fast-paced and challenging environment.

What you will do.

  • Together with your co-lead, you’ll plan and run the business and operations and drive Barter’s success relentlessly.
  • You’ll need to plan and organize all marketing and communication efforts around positioning Barter as the go-to place in Sofia.
  • You’ll handle all of Barter’s communication and social media.
  • Seek out and score partnerships.
  • You’ll handle everything sales.
  • You’ll handle all event management activities from A to Z.
  • And that’s from initial inquiry to post-event follow-ups. All the way, baby.
  • So you should be able to identify needs and prepare tailor-made offers.
  • You’ll suggest, create and organize new event formats.
  • You’ll become a familiar face around here!
  • You’ll also engage in expanding Barter’s reach to other communities.
  • You’ll work with your team to continuously improve Barter’s offerings.
  • You’ll interact with visitors to Barter to make them feel welcomed.
  • But also make sure they are happy and want to come back.
  • You should know the drill by now! 🙂

What we need you to be.

  • 3+ years of experience with marketing and events in the hospitality industry.
  • Experience in managing mid-size events, meetups, and parties.
  • You need to love people and enjoy the crowd!
  • Experienced in writing engaging content for social media.
  • You need to be super organized.
  • And on top of it a good communicator.
  • English-speaking (duh).
  • Computer proficient.
  • Interested in technology.
  • Be fully capable of understanding the hospitality business: operations, legal and health requirements, and team management.
  • So that you can understand how you can bring optimization and improvements.
  • Bonus points if you are passionate about get to know the IT/startup ecosystem and how it works.
  • You are a foodie that LOVES a good plate or a good cuppa coffee. Period.
  • You know Jira and Confluence.
  • You’re great at taking pictures.
  • You finish when the job is done. Not when the clock hits midnight. This ain’t Disney’s Cinderella.

Why join?

  • You matter.
  • You have freedom.
  • We share. The knowledge we have. The success we achieve. The load, when it becomes too much.
  • Work in a truly unique environment with some of the brightest people in Bulgaria.
  • You're part of our community and network of IT hubs in CEE.
  • It’ll be challenging.
  • But rewarding and fulfilling.

How to apply?

Drop us an email at careers@puzl.com with your English CV and a few words about why you are excited.