Our efforts in the past 2.5 years have made Puzl CowOrKing a home to nearly 600 incredible IT humans in Sofia, Bulgaria. Those efforts also won us the title of “Best Coworking Space in Central & Eastern Europe”. We aim to live up to that title by bringing the awesomeness of our IT coworking spaces to thousands of new IT humans in Central & Eastern Europe, but also by continuing to provide the best possible experience to our current members. This is where YOU come in. 

We are looking for a highly organized, business experienced and communicative Chief Navigator for our coworking in Sofia. As a Chief Navigator, you will be fully responsible for running our coworking business in 1 country in CEE, and ensuring that everything runs as smoothly as clockwork. Put simply, you will be in charge of the local business operations and growth and will be leading a team of 3-4 people to help you with this. 

We are community-driven and therefore expect every person on our team to be an active member of our amazing IT-only community by sharing his time, experience and knowledge when needed. This applies even more so to you, so locking yourself up in a room and being antisocial won’t cut it. 

Ready to learn more? Let’s get right to it. 

Who we are:

  • We create IT-only coworking spaces.
  • The best ones. For real. Even got an award.
  • We opened our first space in 2015.
  • We used to be 800 m2.
  • Now we are 6,008 m2.
  • But that’s gonna change quickly.
  • Because we are expanding abroad.
  • Specifically, in Budapest, Bucharest, Vienna, Prague, and Athens.
  • We plan on building 50,000+ m2 of offices. In each of them.
  • Sound exciting?
  • Yeah, we know it does.

Who you are:

  • Your mission is to remove obstacles and move forward.
  • You are a natural team leader who cares about the people as much as for results.
  • You don’t care about titles – you care about getting things done.
  • You can evaluate a situation and take decisions on your own.
  • You have a strong judgment and a solution-driven mindset.
  • You are self-motivated, highly organized and able to prioritize.
  • You thrive in a fast-paced and challenging environment.
  • You are happy to invest your time in helping others.
  • You love technology and have some knowledge of the IT world and startup landscape.
  • You saw one of our coworkings and thought “Damn, that looks awesome”.
  • You are emotionally mature enough to not let feelings get in the way of business.
  • You are not afraid to speak out.
  • You can make the right call when the time comes.

What you’ll probably be doing:

  • You will be leading our Operations team, responsible for the daily activities in our coworking.
  • You will need to be fully aware of the processes of running a coworking. (Knowledge on fixing coffee machines is vital!)
  • Assess those processes and strive to improve them. Always.
  • You’ll also get to define, build and implement new processes. There are ways to make our coworkings run more efficiently.
  • Define the growth of your team. Each person is a unique snowflake with their own capabilities. Develop them.
  • Guide them to be harder, better, faster, stronger.
  • Even define their growth in the company.
  • Find new ways to optimize the work of your team.
  • Recruit new people if necessary and train them.
  • Handle salaries and bonuses of your team, as well as of the local Cleaning and Maintenance teams.
  • Also, help with training future Chief Navigators.
  • That’s what you’ll be doing in terms of operations, but wait. There’s more.
  • On the business side, you’ll be the face of the local coworking.
  • That means that you’ll have to do some business developing and management.
  • It also means you’ll be fairly well-known in the local IT community. Fancy.

What else?

  • Ensure we are always 100% booked.
  • Do cost control and optimization.
  • Also, quality assurance across the floors.
  • Handle custom requests from our members and find optimal solutions for them and our business.
  • Partner! You can’t win this game solo.
  • Figure out what lucrative partnerships we can make with large businesses and corporations.
  • Invite those corporations to join our coworkings. There are plenty of ways they can be involved.
  • Get discounts and/or free products and services for our members.
  • Have them share their know-how for the benefit of our community.
  • Help them organize accelerator and mentorship programs inside our coworking.
  • Persuade them to become corporate sponsors or even invest in some of our members.
  • The opportunities are endless.
  • Last, but not least.
  • Community. That’s what it’s all about.
  • Be 100% involved in the community.
  • Communicate with the community.
  • Collaborate with the community.
  • Help the community.
  • Mentor the community and learn back from them.

What you probably won't do:

  • Write thousands of lines of code.
  • Take weird photos of people and post them on Facebook.
  • Make a BBQ for 200 people (We have people for that now!).
  • Explain to people how to fix a coffee machine (Eeeh… we can’t really promise you won’t do that).
  • Carry 300kg wooden desks up the stairs (Yeah, now we are just lying. You’ll have to carry. But only sometimes!).

What we need you to be:

  • A person with 3+ years of business management and/or team leading.
  • That’d be pretty cool for a start!
  • Bonus points if you have experience in the coworking industry.
  • Even if you’ve just been a member.
  • Be fully capable of understanding the coworking business.
  • So that you can understand how you can bring optimization and improvements.
  • We are a multinational coworking ergo you need to speak English.
  • Bonus points if you happen to speak any other languages.
  • You also need to be all of the stuff that we mentioned at the beginning.
  • You know, the stuff about not being a leader, having strong judgment, being emotionally mature, etc. That’s kind of important for us.

What you don't need to be, but we will appreciate if you are:

  • Fun.
  • Open-minded.
  • Coffee connoisseur.
  • Morning person.
  • Traveler.
  • Technophile.
  • Good at making a BBQ.

What you should know:

  • We don't have bosses. We have team leaders.
  • You will be a part of a team.
  • You are not a lone wolf.
  • Each team defines and organizes their work.
  • We trust the team to execute it.
  • We are all doers.
  • We don't micromanage.
  • We don't meddle.
  • But we discuss.
  • Аnd we can help (If you want us to).
  • We all make mistakes.
  • But we don't deal in excuses.
  • And we don't blame.
  • We try to pinpoint the problem and remove it.
  • If you fail once it's fine.
  • But we will expect you'll learn a lesson.
  • And not repeat the same mistake twice.
  • Scrum is what keeps us in check.
  • And Jira is what keep us on track.
  • We work like that.
  • So are you interested?

Why join?

  • You matter.
  • You have freedom.
  • We have a beautiful office.
  • We designed it.
  • Also, a roof.
  • You get to work on huge projects with a lot at stake.
  • It's incredibly challenging.
  • But rewarding and fulfilling.
  • We share.
  • We pay based on skills.
  • And market dynamics.
  • Not negotiation skills.

How to apply? 

Drop us an email at coworking@puzl.com with your CV/Motivation Letter.