COVID-19 safety measures

1. Keeping the coworking a safe place

1.1. Entering the coworking

Hand sanitizers are installed at all the entrances. Please make sure to sanitize your hands when entering the coworking even if you plan to wash your hands right after arriving.

1.2. Increased cleaning plan

Our cleaning team is instructed to regularly disinfect shared surfaces and high-touch areas. In addition, you’ll find disinfectants in all the areas and you can additionally disinfect the surfaces of the meeting rooms or kitchen tops before using it.

The following areas are regular touchpoints and are disinfected regularly throughout the day:
- Door handles - especially of doors between the different areas
- Kitchen areas
- Bathrooms
- Meeting rooms and booth

We are dispensing special disinfectant liquid, wipes and paper towels in all the floors, near or in meeting rooms and in the kitchens for you.

In a event of member that is confirmed to be COVID-19 positive, Puzl will take special care in disinfecting the respective desk, together with all electronics and used objects in range.

1.3. HVAC maintenance

We are increasing the maintenance and change of all HVAC filters for better air safety. The HVAC system and all ventilation bodies will be maintained and cleaned weekly.

1.4. Open windows policy

Windows in all the areas will be open in the morning for at least 2 hours and then later during the day for at least 1 hour.

2. New community guidelines

2.1. Physical events

Events in the coworking are currently suspended. However, If you need to hold an internal team event in the common areas or join a social event at the Puzl CoCafé, you should wear a mask and keep a safe social distance of at least 1.5 m from other attendants.

Feel free to get in touch with the Chief Navigator and the Operations team if want to set up an online event.

2.2. Common areas, meeting rooms and meetings with non-Puzl members

Wearing a mask in all community areas and meeting rooms is highly recommended.

To keep the community safe and feeling secure in the coworking, all external visitors coming around for a meeting or other business, should disinfect their hands on the way in (dispensers are placed next to every entrance) and wear a mask at all times when in the coworking - either in the common areas or meeting rooms.

2.3. Social distancing


However happy you are that you see your teammates and coworker buddies, please don’t forget that handshaking, hugging, kissing is a no-no for now. Try to keep a safe distance from each other on the common areas, in the meeting rooms or during social events or gatherings with other members from the community.

2.4. Personal hygiene and personal responsibility

We strongly encourage you to wash your hands frequently with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds. If in doubt, we have placed how-to posters in the toilettes. They might just bring a smile on your face 🙂

A contactless thermometer is available upon request form our Operations team, so if you have any doubts about your health, you can check your body temperature there.

More suggestions and guidelines on your personal responsibility in the ‘Protocols for personal safety and health checks’ section.

2.5. Clean(er) desk policy

The cleaning team will disinfect all desks in the coworking each morning. This can only be carried out successfully if you bow before the clean desk policy. But now, for real! 🙂

No food on your desk and we kindly ask you to throw away, take home or store in a box any item that otherwise doesn't belong in a coworking (beer bottle collections, hello!) or you don’t need it on a daily basis.
Boxes for personal belongings and paperwork will be provided upon request. Hit us up at the reception desk if you need one.  

If you are super cautious (and we recommend you are) and would like to disinfect your desk, keyboard and mouse yourself, you will find materials for this across all floors - paper towel and special wood-friendly disinfection liquid.

Please only use the special liquid on your desk as many commercial disinfectants ruin the tabletops.  

2.6. Kitchen etiquette

We all wash up after ourselves and keep our food in the kitchen and not on tables… khm… right?

So on top of the known and exercised kitchen norms we encourage you to use your personal mug and water glass. And of course, wash them regularly and keep them in the kitchen. We also provide disposable paper cups in the kitchen for the time being.

3. Protocols for personal safety and health checks - self-reporting and transparent communication

The Puzl team will keep in touch on a weekly basis with team leads and members of the community to make sure everyone is healthy and feels okay. Maintaining a clean and healthy office is the utmost priority of ours, but it’s the responsibility of everyone.
So keeping an honest two-way communication is crucial.

3.1. Self-reporting and protocol in case of a confirmed COVID-19 case

We ask everyone to exercise self-reporting and get in touch with the Chief Navigator and Operations team immediately if they feel sick, have come in contact with someone who is confirmed to have contracted COVID-19, or themselves have tested positive!

In any of the mentioned cases, you are asked to leave the coworking immediately and remain home and ask for medical help. We will make sure to follow up on anyone who is feeling sick directly or via their team leads.

In case of a confirmed COVID-19 case, all the members on the same floor will be immediately informed and Puzl will take special care in disinfecting the respective area, together with all electronics and used objects in range.

If someone within 1.5 m. of your desk is tested COVID-19 positive, we advise to follow the official governmental guidelines, quarantine for 5 days and get tested or remain in quarantine for 10 days.

If you are sitting in any of the open areas and a cross-infection happens (meaning that more than 5% of the people on the respective floor are COVID-19 positive), you'll be requested to go home for 7 days. A pool test after the 5th day is highly recommended if that scenario occurs. The test will be organized and covered by Puzl.

3.2. Commuting to work

When commuting, if possible, try to avoid rush-hours and crowded public transport lines. Always wear a mask, no matter the current government regulations and other PPE, if necessary. Maintain a safe distance from other passengers and avoid touching any surface. Using hand sanitizer upon entering and leaving public transport vehicles is also a sound idea.

We encourage you to explore alternative transport methods, who know, you might get really hooked on some of them 🙂

- Ride-sharing with family members or teammates: but always wear PPE!
- Solo transit options such as bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, cars

There is a pretty big bike-rack at Lidl back entrance in the parking. Feel free to store your bike there.

3.3. Your personal responsibility towards the Puzl community

You are not only responsible for yourself, but also for the people around you.
They also have loved ones and families and the circle goes one. We are only protected as much as the next person can make the right decisions.

So please monitor your health regularly, increase your personal hygiene, exercise social distancing and avoid crowded places and gatherings, communicate honestly, self-report if needed,  and don’t take any kind of unnecessary risk for the sake of your own well-being and of those relying on your sound judgment.

Trust is our new currency. Try not to deflate it.

4. Visitor guidelines

For the safety of the community, we are limiting visits and visitors entering into Puzl for the time being. So please try to refrain from having family members, friends and visitors coming over if not really needed.

4.1. Member meetings with visitors

We’re all pro in hosting and attending online meetings by now and we strongly encourage you to keep it online for the time being. However, sometimes business requires face to face meetings and that’s okay.

To keep the community safe and feeling secure in the coworking, all external visitors coming around for a meeting or other business, should disinfect their hands on the way in (dispensers are placed next to every entrance) and wear a mask at all times when in the coworking - either in the common areas or meeting rooms.

4.2. Tours for potential members

All the tours will be conducted with both sides wearing PPE, with the recommended social distance.

4.3. External vendors and courier services

External vendors (such as food delivery and courier service) are required to deliver goods to the entrances of any of the floors and will not be allowed to enter the coworking.