Szia, Budapest!

We are going to build a coworking in you.


Be bop a Buda she's my baby🎵


800 IT folks soon to join!

We'll start with a first floor of 200+  humans.


Goldberger Loft

Let's face it, Budapest. We are made for each other! You are on the Danube River. That's our favorite river. You make amazingly sophisticated food. We love eating that food. Still not convinced? Okay, let's continue.

You are a capital in Central and Eastern Europe. We happen to be the Best Coworking in CEE. You have a large and vibrant IT ecosystem. We are going to build a home for it.

Told 'ya. Match made in heaven.

Puzl CowOrKing + Budapest = ❤

We are on a mission to unlock the true potential of the IT sector in CEE. You are a vital part of that sector. It only makes sense for us to be together.

Built for the community.

We are coming to the heart of Hungary to meet the local digital community, and create a place that fits its specific needs.

A hub for knowledge-sharing.

Our space fosters a sharing IT community by hosting open and free mentoring sessions, teaching programs and meetups.

Connected to a larger family.

Puzl CowOrKing supercharges the local IT ecosystem with new opportunities by connecting it to our international network of members.

Our Sofia members are pretty excited, too:

"It's great to work in a beautiful space where each corner has its own custom design, built with care and attention to detail. It gives us the desire to come early in the morning, work with passion and be productive!"

Stefan Ganchev
Partner, LAUNCHub Ventures

"Puzl CowOrKing is an awesome place offering comfortable and creative work environment. All of us here are part of a great and supportive community."

Siyana Plachkova
Software Developer, Imagga

We're going all the way.

Gorgeous workspaces with custom-made desks? Check. Dope private offices? Check. Regular events? Check. Accelerator programs? Fab Labs? Access to our investor network? Check. Check. And check!

+ whatever else the community needs

Designed for IT needs
Educational Courses
Beautiful Workspaces
Skill-Sharing Events
Access to High Tech
Accelerator Programs
Investors Network
Anything You Need?

Current status.


Evaluate the city

We do an extensive analysis of the cities we consider expanding to and then rate them. Budapest got a unanimous "Hell yeah! Goulash!"


Fully commit to open Puzl CowOrKing in Budapest


Negotiate buildings

We are actively negotiating different industrial buildings we think are perfect for both us and the community.


Finalize the concept

We are nearly there with licensing and construction drawings. In fact we may or may have not started work...
Wanna come and check it out?


Destroy and renovate

(a.k.a. Break walls, break windows, break some more stuff and then rebuild it in a pretty industrial style)


Open the doors

Current status.


Evaluate the city

We did a comprehensive research and gave Bucharest a score of "Must go there". Finding out that there are really good mititei there might have influenced us.


Fully commit to open Puzl CowOrKing in Bucharest


Find a building

We're trying to secure a building that meets our standards: old, abandoned, in a good location and in desperate need of renovation.


Define a concept



(a.k.a. Getting our hands real dirty)


Open doors

Get involved.

Feeling excited about this? Then get in touch. Whether you are a future member, a potential partner, a community leader, or just a person with a really freakin' cool idea for us - we are all ears.

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