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Dope office.

Private office tailored to your needs.

Want an office space which reflects your company culture? Tell us what you need and we'll design and build a beautiful custom interior which incorporates your organization's credo and spirit. Separated from the rest of the space with glass walls, your Dope Office lets you keep your privacy while remaining an active member of the coworking community.

Perfect for: Startups, Mature Companies, Investment Funds, Corporates, IT Service Providers, Hedonists
Starting at
Each office has a minimum capacity. The price you pay for the minimum is €149/person and it drops to €102/person for every team member above the minimum. All prices include VAT.
Have questions? Check our FAQ.

Coworking, but with a door.

Centered around your needs.

Want a lounge or phone booth? Fan of 80’s style interior? Prefer team desks? Very well. We'll combine style and functionality to give you a design you'll simply fall in love with.

Available 24/7.

You have morning people, evening people or even a night owls in the company? All of you can come and go anytime, any day, 24/7. And don't worry, you're the only ones with access to your office.

Right in the sweet spot.

Having a Dope Office, you'll enjoy the best of both worlds: enough privacy to work securely on your business combined with the networking opportunities of the coworking space.

Reflecting your company.

Our Dope Offices are designed to accommodate teams of all sizes and support their growth over time. Whether you want something hip and cool, or prefer to stay formal, we can deliver.

Spacious and fully-furnished.

Natural light, industrial feel, furniture designed to your taste and, of course, breath-taking views. It doesn't get better than that.

Ultra-fast Ethernet + Wi-Fi.

Enjoy amazing dual redundant Gbit Internet connectivity. Every true hacker gets a dedicated Ethernet cable.

Telling your story.

Use your office interior to share your story and enforce your brand. Tell us the message you want to convey and we'll do the magic.

Bonuses you get.

Get unlimited use of everything included in the dope office membership:

It's not about just giving you a desk. We bring into one place everything you need to get your job done: workspaces designed toincrease your productivity, meeting rooms suitable for all types of meetings, daily curated events for you to learn and grow, and gorgeous relaxation areas to unwind and mingle with others (it's okay, we all need a break sometimes).

Unique Keycard

Access your workspace any day, any time, 24/7.

Meeting Rooms

Perfect for brainstorming and meeting clients.

Office Booths

Great for 1-on-1 meetings and loud phone calls.

Private and Public Events

Guaranteed access to the events in our space.

Community Slack Channel

Perfect for sending memes to coworkers.

Partner Discounts

Restaurants, tech stores and more.

Personal Lockers

Store your belongings securely.

Postal and Package Handling

Your mail received and delivered to your desk.

Business Printers

So that you never worry about ink and paper.


For when you finish sweating at the gym.

Subsidized Coffee & Filtered Water

Let's split the coffee bill. Water is on us.

Free Event Hosting

Wanna host an IT community event? We'll help.

Your office, just the way you want it.

Communicate your brand.

Brand your office to help people relate to your company and values. We offer full customization of key elements of the interior to express your uniqueness. Crazy ideas are most welcome.

Play with shape and form.

Be bold. This is your office and you can make it as playful and provocative as you want to. Our dedicated team of architects and engineers will help you get the WOW effect.

Relax when you need to.

We have plenty of communal areas where you and your team can relax. Yet, if you want to have a place in your office where you can take an unmolested nap, just say the words.

Work comfortably.

Thoughtful workplace design can be a powerful tool for boosting your team's productivity. Our ergonomic chairs, 3m-long desks and custom lightning make the long screen hours much more comfy.

Why join?

Because you spend too much time grinding to compromise with comfort and design.

Grow without hassle.

We know you need space to grow. That's why we design our offices considering your new hires. Your Dope Office plan is extremely flexible and allows you to upgrade or downgrade any time depending on your team size.

Make your team happy.

Invest in your people's happiness and get them a work environment they'll love. Our beautiful interior, stunning views and perfect locations help you attract, retain and motivate your top talent.

Find partners and customers.

The awesome thing about working in an IT-only office is that there are many ways in which people can collaborate. Many great partnerships have been kicked off in our space, so keep in mind the power of the community.


To be, or not to be... and other existential coworking questions.

How can I rent a private office?
What happens if my team grows?
If I want a custom office layout, how much do I need to pay?
What is your Cancellation Policy?
We are not in the IT industry. Can we join the space?
How do you ensure the security in the space?

You deserve to work in style.

GET YOUR TEAM AN OFFICEWhat seems to be a successful businessman telling you you need to crush your competition

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