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To be, or not to be... and other existential coworking questions.

Can I join the space if I'm not in the IT industry?

Puzl CowOrKing is an IT workspace, community and hub. We gather companies and individuals from the IT sector and encourage them to share knowledge, experience and help each other. We’re not trying to say no, but in order to benefit from our community, you need to be part of a tech business or a business supporting tech companies.

How do you ensure the security in the space?

All Puzl CowOrKing facilities can be accessed only with individual keycards. Every card activity is registered and can be traced to the keycard owner. We have constant video surveillance (CCTV) of the entire space.

What are the rental terms that you offer?

For Fixed Desk and Team Desk plans we have a month-to-month contract which can be terminated anytime with a one-month notice. For Private Office plans we have a year-to-year contract which can be terminated with a 3-month notice.

For how long can I rent a Flex Desk?

You can rent a flex desk for 5 days or for 10 days per month and use it 24/7. We don't offer daily plans, so even if you need a desk for 3 days, you pay a 5-day membership. If you want to stay with us for more than 10 days per month, you need to get a fixed desk plan.

Can I bring my monitor or other equipment?

Sure, bring anything you need to do your job, including decorations for your desk to make it homier such as flowers, pictures, etc. You can request a locker to store some of your belongings. However, if you are using a Flex Desk, at the end of every workday, you need to leave your desk clean and take all your personal belongings with you or store them in a locker.

Can I invite guests to the space?

Absolutely. We love visitors and we’re happy to share the space with other people. Make your meetings more comfortable by using the common areas – kitchen, relax zone, meeting, game and brainstorming rooms. Please note that as a Puzl CowOrKing member, you are responsible for your guests while they are in the space.

How can I rent a Private Office?

In order to rent a Private Office, you need to sign a contract with us for at least one year and pay a deposit in the amount of one-month worth of rent. Each office has a minimum capacity and your monthly rent is calculated per person. Once you exceed the minimum capacity of your office, you get a discount on every new spot you add.

What happens with my office if my team grows?

We design our offices considering your team growth. That's why, we have the option to add more workstations until an office reaches its maximum capacity.

What is your dog policy? Can I bring my dog with me?

Yes, we are a dog-friendly office. If your four-legged friend doesn't have anything better to do, bring them with you. However, please, make sure they behave accordingly.

Do you host only IT events?

No, we host all kinds of events. From closed corporate training to deep-tech hackathons. However, we're particularly fond of free IT events which help our community grow personally and professionally, that's why we host these free of charge.

I'm a Puzl CowOrKing member. Can I organize a meetup?

Sure, we like meetups and events as they help people grow professionally. If you wish to organize a meetup, simply make sure that there is availability in the space and speak to the Chief Navigator to help you. If you build a free community event then we will help you by providing the space free of charge!

Can I rent your spaces for non-IT corporate events?

Yes, you can. Please submit an event inquiry from events page.

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