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Team Desk.

Extra cool desk for an extra cool team.

Step up your game, dude! Get your team a dedicated desk in a gorgeous shared space and boost your company growth over 9000!!! Employees literally love our interior, which makes hiring easier. Plus, our king-size Team Desks allow you to add new people without hassle.

Perfect for: Startups, Creative Teams, Service Providers, Non-Profits, Risk-Takers
Starting from €676
to €980*
The minimum capacity of a Team Desks is 4 people (starting at €169 per person*).

For the 5th and the 6th person, the price drops to €103 per person.

* Depending on the area and the number of seats. All prices include VAT.
Have questions? Check our FAQ.

Grow your business.

Ultimate flexibility.

You take care of your growth, we take care of your well-being. Our Team Desk plan is extremely flexible and allows you to upgrade or downgrade any time depending on your team size.

24/7 Access.

Wanna offer your people flexible work hours? No problemo. Each coworking member can access our facilities 24/7. Night owls, early birds, normal people working 9 to 5 - they are all welcome here.

Community power.

The early days of a business are full of critical decisions, risk, and screw ups. Our supportive IT community can open you doors and save you some hurdles along the path to world domination.

Grind in style.

Nurture collaboration and make the long work hours more productive by setting your team together. Here's what you get:

Custom 3m+ long desk.

From developers with HUGE monitors to creatives with tiny Macs, there's plenty of room for everybody.

Ultra-fast Ethernet + Wi-Fi.

Enjoy amazing dual redundant Gbit Internet connectivity. Every true hacker gets a dedicated Ethernet cable.

Communal areas.

Table tennis, air hockey, and cozy relax zones: because there's no better way to say you're in IT than playing games at lunch break.

Bonuses you get.

Get unlimited use of everything included in the team desk membership:

It's not about just giving you a desk. We bring into one place everything you need to get your job done: workspaces designed toincrease your productivity, meeting rooms suitable for all types of meetings, daily curated events for you to learn and grow, and gorgeous relaxation areas to unwind and mingle with others (it's okay, we all need a break sometimes).

Unique Keycard

Access your workspace any day, any time, 24/7.

Meeting Rooms

Perfect for brainstorming and meeting clients.

Office Booths

Great for 1-on-1 meetings and loud phone calls.

Private and Public Events

Guaranteed access to the events in our space.

Community Slack Channel

Perfect for sending memes to coworkers.

Partner Discounts

Restaurants, tech stores and more.

Personal Lockers

Store your belongings securely.

Postal and Package Handling

Your mail received and delivered to your desk.

Business Printers

So that you never worry about ink and paper.


For when you finish sweating at the gym.

Water, Coffee & Tea

Aka all the essential drinks.

Free Event Hosting

Wanna host an IT community event? We'll help.

Bored of sitting? Hang around, meet people.

Make the most of your meetings.

We have plenty of meeting rooms which differ in size and feel. Go for bean bags and faux grass if you're having a casual chat, or stylish industrial design if you're hosting your investors.

Mingle with the community.

Puzl CowOrKing is the second home of amazing startup founders, investors, devs, and creatives. Meet the whole gang at our knowledge-sharing events and Social Thursdays (our weekly gathering for drinks, BBQ, karaoke, kayaking and more).

Bond with your team.

Your team may be a colorful mix of creatures, but you gotta find a way to their hearts. Use our relaxation areas and game zones to team-build them.

Host your event in our space.

Use our event spaces for closed-group and public events. If your events are free and valuable for the IT community, you get to use the event hall for free. Life hack: beer boosts engagement. Pizza, too. And maybe chips? Or no chips. Dude, it's your event! Make up your mind!

Why join?

Because with us Monday mornings are fun.

Make your team happy.

Invest in your people's happiness and get them a work environment they'll fall in love with. Our beautiful interior, stunning views and perfect locations help you attract and retain top talent.

Get productive as hell.

Our workspaces and culture are designed to help people stay focused longer and work at their best. Plus, you won't waste time buying toilet paper. We take care of it.

Find partners and customers.

The awesome thing about being an IT-only office is that people have a lot of stuff in common. Many great partnerships have been kicked off in our space, so make sure you meet the whole gang when you come.


To be, or not to be... and other existential coworking questions.

We are not in the IT industry. Can we join the space?

Puzl CowOrKing is an IT workspace, community, and hub. We gather companies and individuals from the IT sector and encourage them to share knowledge, experience and help each other. We’re not trying to say no, but in order to benefit from our community, you need to be part of a tech business or a business supporting tech companies.

We're a tech company. When can we start?

Awesome! You can start immediately, as long as we have a free Team Desk. Visit us for a free day to test the space or contact us for details.

We are a team of 3 people. How much will we pay for a Team Desk?

If you are less than 4 people, you still need to pay the minimum price for a Team Desk which is for...4 people. The bright side of being 3, is that you'll have plenty of room for growth.

We are a team of 5 people. Will we fit in one Team Desk?

Sure, the maximum capacity of our Team Desks is 6 people. You'll even have space for a new hire. If you become 7, 8 or more people, we'll get you a second Team Desk or upgrade you to a private office, whatever you prefer (or is available).

What is your Cancellation Policy?

You can cancel your month-to-month contract anytime with a one-month notice.

How do you ensure the security in the space?

All Puzl CowOrKing facilities can be accessed only with individual keycards. Every card activity is registered and can be traced to the keycard owner. We have constant video surveillance (CCTV) of the entire space.

Our coffee is freshly roasted, too.

shut up & take ma' money!Famous singer with sunglasses pulling out some hard-earned $$$

Need something else?

Flex Desk.
Starting at €64/5 days

Bring your laptop and work from Puzl 5 or 10 days a month with no strings attached.

Fixed Desk.
Starting at €187/month

Enjoy your own large desk with free access to meeting rooms and communal areas.

Dope Office.
Starting at €1,212/month

Tailor-made solutions for teams of 6 to 50+ humans with full access to all amenities.