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6,008 m2 / 3 floors + roof


The Space

{If you are a local homie, skip this intriguing paragraph about Sofia.}

Sofia is no big metropolis but it offers a unique blend of ancient history, beautiful nature, vibrant startup ecosystem and modern lifestyle. The city has rapidly become one of the tech hubs in Central and Eastern Europe thanks to its access to capital, tech talent, and a tight-knit community of entrepreneurs. Home of amazing IT humans and ourselves, Sofia offers everything you need to kick off your world domination.

Not to mention the city's stunning views and super strategic location, being just 20 minutes away from the majestic Vitosha Mountain and 3 hours away from the Black Sea.

An emblematic Soviet factory

Vitosha Factory was built in the 60s by the socialist Construction Army Corps as a sewing factory for military uniforms. No wonder why we found several bombshelters in the basement :P.

Later, when manufacturing became the dominant sector of the Bulgarian economy, the building was turned into a fashion industry hub. Now, Vitosha Factory is transorming into a business center with modern stores, sports centers, and offices.

When we found the building in 2015, a most of it was completely abandoned. Nevertheless, we fell in love with its high ceilings, huge open spaces and scenic view. It took us 6 months of constant work to turn what was once semi-destroyed, dusty ruins into a cozy, industrial-style coworking space.

Our custom-designed facilities include:


Workspaces and communal areas.


Stylish medium and large offices.


Meeting rooms and office booths.


Communal kitchens.


Spacious lounge areas.


Parking spots.

Transformed into an industrial beauty.

We wanted to preserve the rough industrial feel of the factory floor, adding a dose of warmth and freshness. Using playful colors and a mixture of natural materials such as wood, steel, and leather, we created a homey coworking space suitable for work and leisure. The design and most of the furniture was made by our internal team of architects and engineers.

Designed for IT humans.

The light, the desks, the chairs, the space... Everything is well thought out to provide IT humans with maximum comfort.

Fully custom.

We don't compromise with functionality, aesthetics and our member's well-being. What we don't find, we build. And it fits perfectly.

Always upgrading.

We build office spaces like you build software: we constantly release new office features which make you love us even more.

Cowork in style.

Our minimal design gives you plenty of room, eliminates distractions and allows you to focus on work. Even the biggest procrastinators thrive here. No joke.


Work with passion.

The Space is designed to provide the ultimate work experience. The combination of abundant natural light, super-fast internet, ergonomic chairs, extra-large custom desks, and state-of-the-art AC system, makes the long screen hours much more comfortable. The environment in the workspace allows you to get into your zone effortlessly, while the lounge areas encourage you to mingle with the community.

Beautiful design
Flawless execution
Great community
Work from wherever.

Need a change of scenery? Feel free to try our lounge areas and stand-up desks.


Meet when you need to.

Investor meetings? Brainstorming sessions? Conference calls? We have the right meeting room for every occasion. From colorful spaces with bean bags and faux grass to more formal conference rooms with stylish furniture and multimedia, we are fully equipped to spark your creativity and help you collaborate at your finest. Use the office booths for phone calls and casual chats over tea and biscuits.

Conceptual meeting rooms
Office booths
IT startup team discuss their software product in a meeting room in Puzl CowOrKing Sofia.

Explore, inspire, amaze and challenge.

One of the priceless things we have in the Space is an amazing community of like-minded IT humans who support each other and grow together. Many partnerships have been kicked off between our members, so don't hesitate to approach your peers for ideas, feedback or advice. Also, if you need some inspiration, join one of our regular skill-sharing events. They are free and open to everyone in the Space.

Supportive community of like-minded people
Knowledge-sharing events and meetups

Host your event,
spread knowledge.

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Host an event

Relax, take it easy.

We all need a break sometimes. If you feel like spending some fun time with your coworkers, head to the game rooms on the 4th and the 5th floor. Not only do we have table tennis and an air hockey, but we have built ourselves an arcade machine (Raspberry Pi + NES, SNES, Sega Mega Drive and PS1). It has Tekken 3, Mortal Kombat, Pac-Man, Bubble Trouble and 1000+ more games. If you feel more like chilling, just take a nap on the hammock or have some quiet time in the 3 relax areas.

Game rooms

Relax areas

Photo of a couch and floor, showing an example of the industrial style interior in Puzl CowOrKing.
Coworking community members and friends having good fun while playing a board game in one the relaxation common areas in Puzl CowOrKing.

Relax, have fun.

We all need a break sometimes. If you feel more like chilling, just take a nap on the hammock or have some quiet time in the 3 relax areas. If you feel like spending some fun time with your coworkers, head to the game rooms. Not only do we have table tennis and air hockey, but we've built ourselves an arcade machine with 1000+ games. Cool, right?

Game rooms
Relax areas

The best location in town.

The perfect location of The Space saves you tons of commuting time and places you next to dozens of restaurants, a gym, a huge grocery store, a shopping mall, a park, and a metro station. Everything is 5 minutes away so no more excuses for not working out.

Easily accessible.

The Space is perfectly connected to every major location in the city. Hop on the metro and in 3 stops you'll be in the city center having dinner with friends.

Direct metro

10 trains per hour go through the Vitosha station, which is 4 mins away and links to the center.

9 bus lines

The following bus lines have a direct stop 2 mins away: 64, 65, 66, 83, 88, 93, 98, 120, 122.

Direct tram line

The number 10 tram line links to the center of town and runs every 6-8 mins.

Click for a big interactive map.

(We promise to update ours soon.)

In the neighborhood:

It's not about just giving you a desk. We bring into one place everything you need to get your job done: workspaces designed toincrease your productivity, meeting rooms suitable for all types of meetings, daily curated events for you to learn and grow, and gorgeous relaxation areas to unwind and mingle with others (it's okay, we all need a break sometimes).

Atletik Fitnes


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Points of interest
South Park


Sofia Zoo


Paradise Mall


Embassy of the United States


Our Roof Terrace






De Gustibus


Bistro Vitosha




Burgers on the Road


Ranchero Steak House


The Corner


Leo's Pizza Trattoria


Wanna come over for a beer?

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