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Dedicated Office

Bigger, customizable private offices built to meet your scaling needs

Looking for a state-of-the-art private office that can support your company culture and team growth? The Dedicated Offices are designed to welcome scaling IT companies that see the importance of a customizable, fully serviced workspace with flexible terms, located in a well-developed business area. The best bit? Your company will be part of the large Puzl CowOrKing community of IT superhumans!

Perfect for: Scaleups, Mature Businesses, Corporates, IT Service Providers, Startups in Growth Stage
€242 per person*
Each office has a Minimum Capacity. The price you pay for the minimum is €242 per person.

And it drops to €103 per person for every team member in the Extra Capacity.

*All prices include VAT.
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Just like a Dope Office. But much bigger.

Customizable and brand enabled.

You always dreamed about having a slide in your office? Or a meeting room that hangs from the ceiling? How about some awesome branding that will make any visitor go ‘wow’ when entering your domain’? Our very own kickass architectural studio is up to fulfill the wildest dreams you’ve ever had for your workspace. Just name it and we’ll make it happen!

Available 24/7.

Having a place for a team of 50+ people naturally requires daily care and maintenance. Luckily, you don’t have to do a thing on this one, as we’re the invisible office manager you always wanted by your side - vigilant, experienced (well, duuh, we’re doing this for quite a while now), and always there to take care of your surroundings while you focus on the important stuff.

By yourself, but not alone.

Your Dedicated Office is your kingdom where you reign supreme, with the needed security and privacy that your business requires to run as smoothly as a clock. But once you step out of your gates, you enter a world of vast opportunities where a community of hundreds of like-minded IT superhumans co-work, network and have fun together.

A place to grow. 

The Dedicated Offices are tailored to answer the immediate and long-term growth needs of companies that are aimed for the stars. With our Flexible rental terms, rotation-based options and workspace customizations on-demand, your office will never get in the way of your business.

Natural vibe.

Together with the high-ceilings and the huge windows come the natural materials we use predominantly for our designs - solid wood, solid metal, raw concrete, greenery and clay.

Unlimited access all around the clock.

You work with international markets and have different working hours? Worry not, as you’ll have 24/7 access to your workspace, so you can get sh*t done whenever needed.

100% dev-proofed.

Back in the days Puzl, actually started as a software development company. Thus, we know perfectly well what an IT company needs in regards to workspace, amenities and design.

Bonuses you get.

Get unlimited use of everything included in the dope office membership:

It's not about just giving you a desk. We bring into one place everything you need to get your job done: workspaces designed toincrease your productivity, meeting rooms suitable for all types of meetings, daily curated events for you to learn and grow, and gorgeous relaxation areas to unwind and mingle with others (it's okay, we all need a break sometimes).

Unique Keycard

Access your workspace any day, any time, 24/7.

Meeting Rooms

Perfect for brainstorming and meeting clients.

Office Booths

Great for 1-on-1 meetings and loud phone calls.

Private and Public Events

Guaranteed access to the events in our space.

Community Slack Channel

Perfect for sending memes to coworkers.

Partner Discounts

Restaurants, tech stores and more.

Personal Lockers

Store your belongings securely.

Postal and Package Handling

Your mail received and delivered to your desk.

Business Printers

So that you never worry about ink and paper.


For when you finish sweating at the gym.

Subsidized Coffee & Filtered Water

Let's split the coffee bill. Water is on us.

Free Event Hosting

Wanna host an IT community event? We'll help.

All you need. In one place.

Minimalist design with natural materials.

Along with the massive wooden desks, raw concrete, and stylish metal elements, this time we introduced the use of clay, earth-like colors, and more greenery than we’ve ever placed before on a floor.

Meet in style.

There are more than 20 meeting rooms across Puzl that you can use. From booths for single calls, well-equipped conference rooms to spaces for long, laid-back sessions - we have it all. 

Put your brand in the spotlight.

There’s plenty of space to make your brand shine bright in here. We can make your office speak both to your team and visitors alike. And let us tell you - "impossible" is not an actual term in our dictionary. 

Relax, take it e-e-asy.

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" is a credo in which we believe with utmost dedication. And we always pay special attention to our common areas where you can spend some real quality time with your fellow coworkers. 

Why join?

Because your team and your company deserve the best workspace to skyrocket your product like Musk launches Falcons! 

Benefit from unmatched flexibility.

Why pay today for the office you’ll need for tomorrow? The Dedicated Offices at Puzl come with extra flexibility, allowing you to upscale, downscale or implement a rotation of teams within anytime. 

Make your team feel like rockstars.

With an office that is easy to fall in love with and a like-minded community of peers, you can recruit and retain the best talents out there… and make them feel like home while at it.

Expand your business network.

The Puzl community is a great place where you can expand your network and find a reliable partner a doorstep away. Or just enjoy the company of the cool folks that make Puzl what it is. 


To be, or not to be... and other existential coworking questions.

I have fast growth plans. How can Puzl help?

Aye, we hear ya! Our workspaces operate on a minimum and maximum capacity principle, which means you’ll have room to grow in tune with your scaling strategy. To top this, we also have Flexible plans that can handle even an unplanned or rapid team growth. Sounds good? Drop us a line, so we can share more. 

How will my team benefit from being part of the Puzl CowOrKing community?

With an international community of 800+ IT like-minded superhumans, you can be damn sure that you and your team can find partners and friends all across Puzl. Not to mention here the community events and gatherings and partners discounts. And of course, our rooftop community space, ideal for after-work drinks and casual networking. 

We have security worries and internet requirements, what can you share about that?

All Puzl CowOrKing facilities can be accessed only with individual keycards with traceable activity. We have 24/7 video surveillance (CCTV) across all spaces and we’re ISO certified. Our spaces are well equipped with Ethernet with up to 1Gbit connectivity, as well as a Wi-Fi network with up to 400Mbit. Additionally, we can provide Public IP address, your very own SSiD and server space.

Our team is rotating - how can you folks help?

Rotation of teams is something we do, so we have working solutions in place that can support your rotation-based principle of work. Not only that, but having a workspace in Puzl can be a good fix for a satellite-office if you’d need a place to accommodate 1 or 2 teams only that need an office, and not your entire company.

Office customizations and branding sound cool. What’s on the menu?

Everything from customizing the office to your business needs (more private spaces or meeting rooms) or branding (the walls, the doors, the ceilings or the floors even). If you’re not sure what you want, our team of designers, architects and engineers will surely come up with a mind-blowing idea. Sky's the limit here, as long as it’s physically possible. ;)

I need space for all hands meetings and celebrating wins with my team.

Don’t worry, we got you covered. We have an event space that can be used for internal Puzl events and team gatherings. And with our rooftop bar, tailored to host everything from parties and birthdays to networking or professional events, rest assured that you can do it all here. And do it in style.

Imagine having a private coworking space for your team only. 

What seems to be a successful businessman telling you you need to crush your competition

Need something else?

Flex Desk.
Starting at €64/5 days

Bring your laptop and work from Puzl 5 or 10 days a month with no strings attached.

Fixed Desk.
Starting at €187/month

Enjoy your own large desk with free access to meeting rooms and communal areas.

Team Desk.
Starting at €676/month

Extra-large desk for an extra-cool team, packed with everything you need.