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Flex Desk.

Enjoy the benefits of coworking when you need to.

Need a place to focus and stay productive for a few days? Just bring your laptop,  take your rightful place and get started. Your Flex subscription gives you access to our dedicated facilities for 5 or 10 days per month. You choose when you wanna come and enjoy a productive day at the office whenever you need to. 

Perfect for: Digital Nomads, Freelancers, Remote Workers, Sole Entrepreneurs, Small Teams, Students, Experimenters, Curious Ones
€64 for 5 days
€118 for 10 days*
Rent a Flex Desk for €64/5 days or €118/10 days. Then use them whenever you need, in the course of 30 days.

* All prices include VAT.
Have questions? Check our FAQ.

What makes it cool?

Flexible + Affordable = Awesome.

Get a top-notch coworking experience at an affordable price right when you need it. Flex Desk is ideal for both coworking newbies and veterans who want no strings attached.

24/7 secure keycard access.

If you’re a morning person, an evening person or even a night owl – access your workplace any time, any day, 24/7. Security is ensured through constant video surveillance.

Mingle with the community.

A week or two is not enough to meet the whole gang but you'll definitely mingle with great people and discover lots of collaboration opportunities. Make the most of your stay by joining our events.

Pick a desk, work at your best.

Renting a Flex Desk is really easy. You just need to show up with a laptop. Everything else will be waiting for you:

Large desk and chair

We don't compromise with comfort. Our chairs are ergonomic and the desks are tailor-made to fit your needs.

Ultra-fast Ethernet + Wi-Fi

Enjoy amazing dual redundant Gbit Internet connectivity. Every member gets a dedicated Ethernet cable.

Communal areas

Have a nice lunch in the community kitchen, go for a game of table tennis or enjoy some quiet time in one of the relax areas.

Bonuses you get.

Get unlimited use of everything included in the flex desk pass:

It's not about just giving you a desk. We bring into one place everything you need to get your job done: workspaces designed toincrease your productivity, meeting rooms suitable for all types of meetings, daily curated events for you to learn and grow, and gorgeous relaxation areas to unwind and mingle with others (it's okay, we all need a break sometimes).

Access Keycard

Any day, any time, 24/7.

Meeting Rooms

Perfect for brainstorming and meeting clients.

Phone Booths

Great for 1-on-1 meetings and loud phone calls.

Private and Public Events

Guaranteed access to all knowledge sharing events in our space.

Community Slack Channel

Perfect for sending memes, finding new partners and getting help.

Partner Discounts

Restaurants, tech stores and more.

Water, Coffee & Tea

Aka all the essential drinks.


For when you finish sweating at the gym.

Puzl Community

Be part of an IT community of 1,000+ humans.

Done with work? Time to recharge.

Relax in beautiful communal areas.

Our spaces offer plenty of recreation areas where you can unwind and recharge playing games, making friends or enjoying the silence. You can invite guests, too. Just don't forget that you are responsible for them.

Meet and network with amazing IT humans.

Our community members are friendly, supportive and resourceful. Don't hesitate to approach them for feedback, help or just a casual chat. Chances are they have the answers you're looking for.

Join an event and learn something new.

Stay on top of what's new in the technology industry and network with its influencers. We host many tech meetups, dev gatherings, demo nights and knowledge-sharing events, so pick a topic and go for it.

Party with fellow coworkers 'till 6AM.

If you are a party animal, you are not alone. We throw epic parties throughout the year for the entire IT ecosystem and beyond. Plus, we organize regular get-togethers  and outdoor activities. Enjoy responsibly!

Why join?

Because these could be the most productive, fun and eventful 5-10 days you've had in a while.

Do more work faster.

You'll be unstoppable in the right environment to get into your zone and the right company of brilliant coworkers.

Discover opportunities.

You'll meet accomplished professionals who strive to make an impact. Your future partner, investor or customer could be sitting next to you.

Enjoy a perfect balance.

End your working from home vs. working in the office dilemma, and take the best of both worlds with no strings attached or heavy budget hits.


To be, or not to be... and other existential coworking questions.

Can I join the space if I'm not in the IT industry?

Puzl CowOrKing is an IT workspace, community, and hub. We gather companies and individuals from the IT sector and encourage them to share knowledge, experience, and help each other. We’re not trying to say no, but in order to benefit from our community, you need to be part of a tech business or a business supporting tech companies.

For how long can I rent a Flex Desk?

You can rent a Flex Desk for 5 days or for 10 days per month and use it 24/7. We don't offer daily plans, so even if you need a desk for 3 days, you pay a 5-day membership. If you want to stay with us for more than 10 days per month, you need to get a Fixed Desk plan.

Do I need to book my visit in advance?

Yes, you’ll need to book the desk you want to occupy for the day in advance. This way we can make sure the desk is all yours for the day and no one else is sitting on it. If there are available desks in the booking calendar, you can make up your mind to come even in the morning of your workday. 

Can I work on the weekends?

Sure enough. If that’s your thing. Your Flex Desk subscription will grant you 24/7 access to your desk in a given month. 

Are meeting rooms included in the price?

Yes, you’ll be able to use the meeting rooms on the floor. Just make sure to book your meetings in advance in the meeting calendars and to respect the fair use policy of the Puzl meeting rooms. 

Can I bring my monitor or other equipment?

Sure, bring a monitor or other portable equipment. However, at the end of every workday, you need to leave your desk clean and take all your personal belongings with you or store them in a locker.

Can I invite guests to the space?

Absolutely. We love visitors and we’re happy to share the space with other people. Make your meetings more comfortable by using the common areas – kitchens, office booths and relax areas. Please note that as a Puzl CowOrKing member, you are responsible for your guests while they are in the space.

Spend a day with us.

YOU WON't REGRET ITWeird man in a skeleton suit provocatively pointing at you

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