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We are the home of a special breed of IT humans who are weird in a nice way, nice in a weird way, but most importantly: all of us are DOERS. This common trait allows us to make friends in the community, do business together, refer each other to customers, and throw wild karaoke parties every now and then. *Woah, livin' on a prayer!*

We understand that in order to be at your best you need to be surrounded by motivated
like-minded people and environment that stimulates everybody to grow personally and professionally.
That’s the reason why we’re building a thriving community.

Setting the eCommerce data metrics bar high and doing your best to meet it.
Murry Ivanoff, Founder & CEO
Member since 10/2015
Building a highly customizable application development framework for B2B.
Baycho Georgiev, Founder
Member since 04/2016
Teaching managers how to keep in sync with their direct reports and stay on target.
Lyubo Petrov, Investor
Member since 12/2015
Setting the eCommerce data metrics bar high and doing your best to meet it.
Murry Ivanoff, Founder & CEO
Member since 10/2015
Building a highly customizable application development framework for B2B.
Baycho Georgiev, Founder
Member since 04/2016
Teaching managers how to keep in sync with their direct reports and stay on target.
Lyubo Petrov, Investor
Member since 12/2015

Meet the gang.

Мееt our thriving community of freelancers, startups, service providers and investment funds from all corners of the tech industry. Some of our members are just launching their betas while others have millions of customers worldwide. Whatever you're up to,  you won't be alone on your way towards world domination.

1Legal Net
Member since 01/2022

Innovative legal services - financial consultancy, intellectual property, marketing, audit & monetisation of blockchain projects.

Member since 12/2017

AngelList is a website for startups, angel investors, and job-seekers looking to work at startups.

Member since 01/2016

A digital advertising and design company that meets the needs of brands to catch up with the rapid changes in our modern world.

Member since 11/2019

A NGO that acts as a bridge between startups, investors, the government and other stakeholders in the innovation industry.

BIT Design
Member since 03/2023

D365 F&O consultancy and websites for SME's

Member since 06/2017

The focal point of private investors, venture capital funds and the entrepreneurial community in Bulgaria.

Member Since 07/2021

Baringa is an independent business and technology consultancy. They help businesses run more effectively and reach new markets.

Member since 06/2021

BayBridgeDigital is a game changing software company that connect technology and people to create new growth and business value.

Big Loop Studios
Member since 04/2021

Game development studio with focus on online and mobile puzzle games.

Member since 06/2024

Pioneering a future where financial transactions are more accessible, efficient, and empowering

Cerillion Technologies
Member since 09/2021

Provider of billing, charging, customer management systems in industries including telecommunications, finance and transportation.

Member since 06/2020

Coursedot provides tailor-made IT training solutions from a pool of 3100+ freelance IT instructors.

Create & Elate Productions
Member since 11/2022

Video editing services for business and content creators.

Member since 11/2022

CryptoDesk allows you to easily buy and sell crypto currencies.

DC Byte
Member since 10/2022

The best in consultancy services, mixed with a powerful digital platform, comprehensive information on over 5,000 data centres.

DataSoft Solutions
Member since 11/2020

DataSoft Solutions provide direct access to targeted databases for B2B campaigns along with database cleaning services.

Member since 08/2020

Devalex is a software development company, providing variety of services - from single-purpose tasks to multi-platform systems.

Member since 01/2019

Remote network management software that provides 24/7 access to historical and real time network data and reports.

Member since 07/2021

Producing real-time data analytics software for monitoring the retail market worldwide for apparel, homeware and beauty products.

Member since 08/2020

Development and Test company specialising in Kubernetes & Red Hat OpenShift, microservices and integrations.

Member since 06/2024

Ethermind’s AI-driven engine helps training companies scale their most valuable asset - their trainers' time.

Member since 07/2022

Global software engineering company that delivers digital transformation and builds novel IT products for Fortune 500 enterprises.

Member since 02/2023

From accounting to comprehensive financial modeling, FinDep offers top-notch financial services to startups, scale-ups, and VCs.

Founder Institute
Member since 05/2019

The Founder Institute is the world’s largest pre-seed startup accelerator.

Member since 06/2021

GoStudent is a venture-backed, ed-tech platform disrupting the tutoring market and bridging the knowledge gaps of young students.

Member since 05/2017

Award-winning mobile app that lets you book flights from your phone and tells you when is the best time to buy.

Member since 06/2016

A global market research and a consulting firm that makes changing our world easier and faster to navigate.

Member since 08/2018

Deploying holistic, enterprise-grade analytical solutions, delivering capability, governance, and scalе.

Member since 11/2017

System for accurate tracking of moving objects in real time.

Looming Tech
Member since 05/2021

Software development studio that specializes in bringing disruptive products to the market.

Maple Bear
Member since 01/2021

Maple Bear provides a high quality pre-school, elementary and high school education based on a Canadian philosophy.

Member since 10/2015

Behavior-driven customer analytics, personalized email marketing and powerful CRM - all connected in one.

Member since 07/2022

Small studio for game development, artwork, character and level creation.

Member since 04/2018

А technological software company that develops own unique software solutions for business SEO and PPC.

Member since 10/2017

Oddspedia is one of Europe’s leading performance marketing companies, managing a large network of sports betting websites.

Members since 07/2022

Foodtech company producing nutritionally complete and delicious meal - bars, bottled drinks and shakes.

One Click LCA
Member since 07/2021

An automated life cycle assessment software that helps you calculate and reduce your building's environmental impact.

Member since 01/2022

Creation and development of Wordpress websites, hosting migration, speed optimisation and more.

Prime Division
Member since 05/2018

Designing experiences - web, mobile, branding - that drive real results.

Product Hunt
Member since 10/2015

Curation of the best new products, every day. Discover the latest mobile apps, websites, and technology products.

Member since 07/2024

AI and computer vision products in nutrition and fitness. Try Rex Nutribot on WhatsApp by texting +1 229 394 2678.

Member since 10/2017

Market datafeeds, newswires, and crowd sentiment insights for the Blockchain world.

Scytale Ventures
Member since 03/2023

A team of investment management experts, blockchain technology experts, and entrepreneurs.

Seven Security Group
Member since 01/2016

A specialized provider of services and products for the Information Security market in Bulgaria and the region.

Several Clouds
Member since 02/2023

Cloud and DevOps professional services and staff augmentation.

Member since 12/2022

Professional software development for your business.

Member since 10/2022

A full-service digital agency that specialises in custom website and app design, development, branding, and strategy.

Sunwell Solutions
Member since 10/2020

Sunwell Solutions is a cyber security company, established by experienced and tech savvy team of professionals.

Member since 05/2016

A mobile app that saves time and hassle by connecting you to a quality taxi driver as quickly as possible. Ride in comfort.

Triple Helix
Member since 06/2021

Triple Helix provide cutting edge RnD services from A to Z with the best results in all stages of development.

Member since 10/2021

Provider of digital technology and full scale transformation, information technology and development services.

Veda Accounting
Member since 12/2015

Accountants from a new generation who take care not only for your money but also value your time.

Member since 06/2019

Viber is a cross-platform voice over IP and instant messaging software application provided as freeware for different OS.

Member since 10/2023

An industry-leading suite of powerful Amazon FBA seller tools backed by the most up to date, accurate data.

Member since 06/2017

An innovative, highly functional system for GPS tracking of automobiles and other objects.

xFigure Finance
Member since 11/2022

xFigureFinance is an independent financial advisory firm that focuses on project financing and M&A in Bulgaria and the region.

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