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Virtual Office.

Think of a pseudo-assistant. They are not there, but sh*t gets handled 😉

If you are just starting up your business and wondering where to register your new venture or are part of a remote team and need some good ol’ fashioned local office assistance - we got your back. Your company at Puzl’s fancy address and all your mail and packages handled and forwarded.

Perfect for: Freelancers, Creatives, Small Businesses, Remote or Virtual Offices
The lightweight office setup. All the basic company stuff taken care of by us.

* All prices include VAT.
Have questions? Check our FAQ.

All your virtual office needs in one place.


Address of registration with correspondence address. This means all your business mail and packages are handled by us. Includes up to 5 mail or package forwarding per month to an address of your choice within the territory of Bulgaria.

Remotely there

Business address and postal handling.

Home for your company.

We hear a Cayman Islands company address doesn’t look as good as it used to. So bring your company’s legal home to the sexy address of the biggest IT community on the block. That’s being Bulevard "Cherni vrah" 47, 1407 Sofia, Bulgaria.

You’ve got mail!

Nop, never again you have to be home for a courier or stand in line at the post office to receive an official letter. We take care of all your received postage and forward it to you to your doorstep.

When virtual just doesn’t do it.

All jolly with being a remote work warrior and enjoying the comfort of your couch as an office. But you can not meet your important business partners on your couch, now can you? We have Meeting Rooms to properly impress your guests, in case you need to book something not-so-Virtual.


To be, or not to be... and other existential coworking questions.

How can I upgrade or downgrade my virtual office plan/package?

Upgrading and downgrading your monthly virtual office plans is easy. You only need to send us an email at with details about your desired virtual office plan and we’ll change your subscription from the beginning of the next month.

Can I change my mail forwarding address?

Yes, of course! We’ll only need the details of your new address.

How often will you forward my mail?

Once we receive your mail, we’ll make sure that it’s forwarded to your address in the next 2 business days.

Are there any additional fees I should be aware of?

The only additional fees would be the delivery fees of the courier services for the mail forwarding.

Can I collect my own mail?

Sure! Please let us know that you don’t want the mail forwarded. We’ll inform you when we receive your mail and will be expecting you in the upcoming week to come and collect it.

Looking for something else?

Flex Desk.
Starting at €64/5 days

Bring your laptop and work from Puzl 5 or 10 days a month with no strings attached.

Fixed Desk.
Starting at €187/month

Enjoy your own large desk with free access to meeting rooms and communal areas.

Team Desk.
Starting at €676/month

Extra-large desk for an extra-cool team, packed with everything you need.