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Meet The Foundry. Our dedicated venue for cool IT, tech and entrepreneurship events.
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The Foundry.

Your go-to venue for awesome events that bring value.

The Foundry is an incredibly lively space designed to foster learning and constructive discussion. The venue is perfect for knowledge-sharing events, meetups, workshops and corporate training for up to 60 guests. The Foundry has everything you need for an amazing event: powerful multimedia, reliable AC, mega-fast Internet and the option for catering. Also, the communal kitchen outside the event hall is great for lunch, coffee breaks, and networking.

Perfect for: Skill-Sharing Events, Meetups, Talks, Presentations, Workshops, Corporate Training
The maximum capacity of the event hall is 60 people. The price includes VAT.
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Don't worry, we're fully equipped.

Full HD Projector

Impress the audience with your beautiful slides and videos.

Mega-Fast Wi-Fi

Reliable Wi-Fi connection, which can support all your guests.

Technical Support

Prior to your event, a Puzl CowOrKing team member will assist you to set everything up.

5.1 Audio System

Fill the room with dynamic sound and compliment 3D HD entertainment.

Catering Options

We have partnerships with several caterers who can take care of the food and the drinks.

Kitchen & Lounge Access

Your guests can use our kitchen and lounge areas to grab a snack, network, and relax.

Past events @The Foundry.

The Foundry has rapidly become one of the signature venues for tech events. Since Puzl CowOrKing opened doors in 2015, we've hosted more than 320 meetups, knowledge-sharing formats, dev gatherings and closed-group events.

VR Nights

Organized by Quark VR, VR Nights is an event showcasing the latest technologies in virtual reality. The attendees get to test for free HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Morpheus and more.

Sofia Game Jam

SGJ (part of the Global Game Jam) gathers gamers with different backgrounds, interests and skills, and motivates them to plan and execute a gaming idea in 48 hours.


ProductTank is a global community with 50k+ members that brings together local product managers, designers, or developers to share their knowledge and experience.


DEV.BG is a place for IT humans interested in the creation, testing and maintenance of software products. They have a community of 10k+ people and host regular tech meetups.

So, wanna book our event space?

Yeah. You do.A man who wants to be a pirate who is probably singing "A pirate I was meant to be, trim the sails and roam the seas!"

We actively support knowledge sharing.

We believe that knowledge sharing is one of the pillars of a thriving IT community. That's why we launched our Events Support Program to assist individuals and organizations that help IT humans grow.

Puzl’s Events Support Program is targeted at event organizers who host non-commercial tech meetups, skill-sharing events, hackathons, and user group gatherings. The program includes event hosting, marketing, and speakers support. Since 2015, we’ve worked with over 20 non-commercial user groups, communities, and initiatives, including:

  • Tech Talks
  • ReactJS
  • Angular Sofia
  • Startup Grind Sofia
  • WordPress Community
  • Elixir Sofia
  • MongoDB
  • Sofia Game Dev Meetup
  • And many more!
Join our Events Support Program and bring value to the tech community.
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To be, or not to be... and other existential event questions.

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