Once upon a time, three people met and instantly knew they wanted to work together! 🙌 Check the interview with Dimitar, Chris and Geri to find out more about the creation of BayBridgeDigital’s Bulgarian branch 🇧🇬, digital transformation for dummies and what defines a cool company culture. 😎 Lazy to read? Just join their birthday party this Friday, after 6pm, on the rooftop. 🎉

Tell us a bit more about the story of BayBridgeDigital and your role in it:

Since the three of us met, we knew we had common ideas and wanted to create our own company for digital transformation. We were brainstorming, making plans for working with Bulgarian clients and waiting for the right moment. 🧠

A year ago we managed to make a deal for opening a branch of BayBridgeDigital in Bulgaria and setting up the delivery hub of the company. 🇧🇬 The scale was larger than we anticipated but it was a challenge and an opportunity that we couldn’t miss. We rode the wave and now we have the dream team. 💙

Our role is to make sure the company is functioning properly, growing according to the plan, being a good workplace for our team and delivering high quality services. 🏆

What's the achievement that made you the proudest so far?

Above all - the team that we’ve created. Right now we are twenty people, each and everyone is an incredibly skilled and inspiring person. We are not only colleagues but friends and every time when we meet in the office - it's FUN! 💙

How would you explain the term "digital transformation" to someone who's completely out of the IT and startup culture?

I would say we help businesses to work smarter, not harder. 🤓🌴Right now the e-commerce is at its highest that it’s ever been and transitioning from physical to digital becomes a step that must be done. We make sure that we take the right approach with every client, so in the end they have the best working digital product that will not overcomplicate, but simplify and scale their merchandising. Our field of expertise are the products of Salesforce and since we have experts in all of them, our clients can take the best of the ecosystem they provide. 🚀

Would you advise people to start working in your field or not? Why?

C’mon, our field is one of the best in our country! 🌟 Honestly, not only for the competitive remuneration, but also for being appreciated for your skills rather than education, gender, looks etc. 👤 Every day there’s a new technology, you always learn, in a world where everything gets digital, you are a little bit closer to the source. And also we party in the office a lot. And also - we drink. 🍻

How did you find Puzl and why did you decide to join the Community?

From day one we knew that a coworking would suit our needs best. ✅ We needed a place that can accommodate five people in the beginning and then scale as we scale. ⏫ We also knew we want a modern environment, with fun coworkers, and not to deal with the everyday office maintenance. 🔧 We did our research, had some bitter experience, then decided to partner with Puzl. 🧩 We are 100% sure we made the best choice. We spend all the working day at the office and then we go to Barter, so we basically live here. 😹

What's your favorite joke, saying, or just an advice that you'd like to share with everyone?

Life’s a b*tch and then you die ^^ 🪦

Got you interested? Check their website. 🔗

Wanna know more? You can Slack @ Dimitar Fidanov, Kristian Ivanov & Gergana Borisova, add them on Linkedin (+1 & +2) or find them on the The Space floor for a…well…drink. 😀