Bulgaria Ecom Meetup is a Bulgarian Community for all Shopify Developers, Digital Agencies, or just E-Commerce Enthusiasts who want to exchange helpful paractices from their own experience with other E-Commerce Enthusiasts.

Who are you?

We are Ruslan and Karolina, the organizers of Bulgaria Ecom Meetup - a community made for all the e-commerce junkies out there. 👋 Rus is the Founder of Checkout X and Vanga AI [Acquired ✨] - SaaS startup products for e-commerce stores. Kari was a part of Checkout X & Vanga AI's journey as the first employee there.

Why Bulgaria Ecom Meetup?

Bulgaria Ecom Meetup is a community for all e-commerce entrepreneurs, developers, digital agencies, or enthusiasts starting their ecom business and being open to sharing helpful tips and tricks from the industry with each other. We started in 2022 as Sofia Shopify Meetup, organizing our events in Barter Community Hub (lots of love for Barter and Puzl Coworking for being our beloved hosts! ❤️ ) and meeting hundreds of people at every event. Noticed that 'the cool ecom kids' don't only use Shopify and that you can find them in every part of the country. So, decided to expand the community and make every ecom junkie from all parts of Bulgaria feel welcome to the tribe! 😎 We’ve also made one of our first events in Varna in the summer of 2023. 🏖️

What should a first time-goer know?

Here is how a Sofia Ecom Meetup event goes and what you need to know about it:

  1. It is free, so bring your ecom fellas!
  2. ✌️ Don’t be shy & say “Hi”. The community is warm and welcoming. Grab a beer and tell someone about your journey, then exchange useful tips.
  3. 🎤 We invite the masters from the community who share their stories and best practices (struggles as well, we’ve all been there) in the field in a 30-min live presentation (most events in BG 🇧🇬). Some of our guest speakers are founders of digital agencies, apps, and noticeable brands in the field. 🔥

    Huge thanks & lots of love to the ones who already shared their unique success stories and best practices:
  • Mat De Sousa (Founder of WideBundle and WideReview)
  • Ecom Luka (Brand Owner and YouTube Creator)
  • Viktor Stoilov (Founder of Markademics)
  • Yoan Asparuhov (Co-Founder of Startup Masters)
  • Iveta Makedonska (Hustler Marketing)
  • Preslav Nikov (Founder of CraftBerry)
  • Georgi Dimitrov & Vasil Ralchev (Founders of InaEssentials)And these machines are just a small part of our community!
  1. 🍻 Then comes the informal part: We continue with some more beers and networking.
  2. Last but not least: Join our FB group to be always up to date with our events, ask the community for help, or share a cool ecom meme: https://www.facebook.com/groups/788166155548613/?mibextid=oMANbw

You’re in the ecom field and still wondering if this is the event for you?Then join us on the 30th of January in Barter Community Hub to find out ‘cause you’re officially invited! 🙌

Sold! When and where?

Sofia Ecom Meetup is organized regularly @ our rooftop cafe-bar Barter Community Hub. [Puzl Note: that's in Vitosha Building, rooftop]

🗓️ 🔗 The next Sofia Ecom Meetup is happening on January 30 at 7:00 PM.
Bring your good mood and your sales hunger . Leave the rest to us! 😉

Bulgaria Ecom Meetup's Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/788166155548613/