The last couple of months were very exciting for our community in terms of new teams joining. They’re all set up now in their comfy new workplaces and we’ve had enough time to get to know them better, so we decided to share a bit more about them with the world. 

One of the latest teams to join the Puzl CowOrKing community is the tech team of the US startup Halo Dx, Inc. They’ve been opening our eyes about the health tech sector from the moment they came aboard and we’ve been dying to hear more about how they plan to improve human health through technology.

Who are these people? 🤔

Halo Dx, Inc. is a US HealthTech startup (HQ in Menlo Park, California) with the ambitious goal to redefine how radiology is being done today, thus improving the lives of patients, radiologists and MDs. The company was established in 2018 and they’ve grown an impressive team of more than 30 engineers and ~200 radiology professionals. The team in Bulgaria was started in September 2019 and is led by Alexander Kolev - a skilled technologist with more than 17 years of professional experience in the software engineering sphere. Alex used to be the CTO of Centroida and has spent most of his career in big tech before that.

For the past couple of months, he has managed to create a team of 8 strong professionals with a total experience of 95 years. The aim is to grow the team to 40 people - Engineers (backend, frontend, ml, devops, etc), Project managers, Product managers, UX/Product Designers until the end of 2020. (And here we are thinking ‘That’s a hell of a growth.’😮).

What about the tech? 🚀

Asked about the short overview of their technology, Alex shares: ‘We're building a distributed cloud platform with a web front-end, which is fairly data intensive (MRI scans are b-i-g) and needs to support a bunch of health-industry standards (DICOM, HL7, etc), as well as technically challenging use cases (teleradiology, smooth remote center operation in case of network partitioning, etc). As BI, analytics, and ML are paramount to our success, we have a strong passion for data modelling too (the data architect of Netflix and 23andme just joined us)’. 

Team culture? 🤝

It’s good to work with a top notch tech stack, but when it comes to working with others, one of the most important things is the team culture and their values. At HALO Dx it’s Tech Meritocracy which Alex explains as: ‘We strive to hire the best minds, give them as much autonomy as possible (within certain process, tech and time frames) and let them shine.’

When you enter their room, you’ll notice some cool geeky posters of Rick and Morty and if you happen to find a cool Rick mug in the kitchen, be sure to say hi to Alex and talk with him about their health tech challenge!

Warm welcome, HALO Dx! We hope you’ll create some greatness here!

Stay awesome!