In a community of 600 people there’s a lot of stuff happening every day. People come and go, events take place, things break, things get fixed, new spaces are opened, parties are thrown… Plenty of stuff, really.

To make sure that the entire Puzl operation runs smoothly and our coworkers get the ultimate Puzl experience (and the best sangria in town) we have our Happiness Officers. 

Meet Rali and Marti – the only two ladies the printer fears! They are smiling, kind, funny and bring joy to the coworking life.

And, since Rali has decided to take on some new endeavors, we decided to celebrate her 12-month anniversary in the company with 12 blitz questions to her and her partner in crime, Marti.

1. Who was the first person that you met at Puzl CowOrKing?

Rali: Petya.

Marti: Petya.

2. What are you known for within the community?

R: Sangria, mojito, printer fixing skills, using at least one Spanish word in every sentence.

M: I hope that it's for being super helpful not just for my average mojito-making skills.

3. If there was a movie produced about your life, who would play and why?

R: It would be a cartoon and my character would be a sarcastic bear.

M: Julia Roberts will play me in a short indie movie because she is my kinda gal - down to earth and super funny.

4. What is the funniest thing that has happened to you at Puzl CowOrKing?

R: The walk of shame I did looking for my belongings all over the space the day after the CoChristmas party.

M: Bad dad jokes moment at one of our team lunches.

5. Give me 3 things you say when things f*ck up.

R: I usually go with the good old "F*ck".

M: Sh*t. FFS. Or I just do the facepalm and move on.

6. Which animal would make the best type of president if the animal kingdom ever rises up and takes over?

R: Bear.

M: Some kick-ass bird - intimidating but still can just fly away when it f*cks things up.

7. What is the best advice you were given from a Puzl CowOrKing member?

R: "Get on the Trello train."

M: "If you want good karma, you'll need to start with baby steps.”

8. What are the 3 qualities of your fellow Happiness Officer that you like the most?

R: Sense of humor, chillness, everything.

M: Definitely her sense of humor, honesty and being able to give the most ridiculous advice when needed.

9. How would people communicate in a perfect world?

R: Straight-forward.

M: Telepathy. No more wasted time.

10. You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?

R: Pink. To confuse people.

M: White. I'll be chilling, nobody will bother me.

11. What is the most important thing you learned about yourself while being at Puzl CowOrKing?

R: That I can be an adult.

M: I really can multitask.

12. If you start the position of a Happiness Officer tomorrow, what would your advice for yourself be?

R: Chill and make people cheesecakes.

M: Don’t be afraid to ask silly questions and don't take things too seriously.