Meeting new community members is always exciting. You get to see how they feel and act a bit nervous because they are the space newcomers. It’s cute. Sadly, Bulcode - the latest team to join us, show no such signs. Quite the opposite. The team of four handsome guys walked in confident and eager to start their coworking adventure right away.

Allow me to introduce you to the Drupal Fantastic Four (yes, we nicknamed them already) – the Bulcode team!



Vasil has 7+ years of development experience. In recent years, he has reoriented towards project management and sales. He believes his technical background brings priceless value to his work and helps him handle challenges in more attractive ways. Life slogan: “When you reach the top, go ahead!"




Nikolay is passionate about developing open source projects. He found Drupal to be a great platform with an open community, from which he could take inspiration and to which he could contribute back with his work.

Life slogan: “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.”




Mihail has more than 8 years of experience in developing various kind of open source projects. In the past couple of years, he managed to become a Technical Architect by designing enterprise solutions for some of the largest companies in the world. He also has a passion for training young talents. Life slogan: “A dream is imaginary until you focus on making it a reality! “



Rosen is a highly rated developer who always takes on the most difficult challenges in the team. The tougher the work, the better solutions he delivers. That’s why his life motto is: “Put hard work and passion and the rest will attend to itself.”

All of them are constantly flying around tech conferences and meetups, and they are working on a number of exciting projects. I’m happy that they took the time to answer my questions and pose for a few photos.



Hey folks, you just joined the community here at Puzl CowOrKing. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what you are doing at Bulcode

It’s a pleasure for us to join Puzl. We’ve felt super comfortable here, since day one.

Basically, we are a team of four professionals, that have been working together since 2013, and who coincidentally also became close friends. All of us used to work for a Danish company providing Drupal services for big companies such as Vodafone, Lush, and Syngenta. During the years we built a strong team. We love open source and realized that Drupal, as a CMS and framework, and especially as a community, is the place where we can improve ourselves as developers. We moved our priorities forward and a few months ago the idea of Bulcode was born. We went to the next level - to do what we are best at and to develop our own ideas.


What kind of projects are you working on? Tell us about the most challenging project you’ve had so far.

As Bulcode, we already have a couple of clients that work in different spheres. This makes our daily work quite interesting. To get inside the specifics of a company, and to discover what its business needs are, so you can provide the right solution. That's what’s awesome! One of the current projects is for a Switzerland healthcare company that produces natural cosmetics in Bulgaria.

Why did you decide to join a coworking space?

Our team decided to join a coworking space because of a friend’s recommendation. We were in search of an office for a couple of months without any success. Then one evening we participated in an event in Sofia and we had a discussion with a freelancer who gave us very good feedback for coworking spaces and especially for Puzl CowOrKing. We came here and felt this is the place for us, among all the other like-minded tech people.


Let me tell you – they are passionate, they are focused and they are hardworking. We’re lucky to welcome the Bulcode team in our community and I’m sure that we’ll be hearing exciting news about them soon. Be sure to show them some love on Facebook!