It is a weird year to add 200 seats in Puzl CowOrKing Sofia, you’d say, and we know why you’d think that, as the world underwent some pretty big changes. We would have thought that this is crazy as well, but then again, we do have a crazy reputation to maintain yet! There’s more to it than meets the eye - as opposed to the trend, Puzl remained full of life so we decided to take up this new floor in the middle of 2020. 

Not only that, but we saw growing interest from both Puzl members and companies from the ecosystem. They came to us asking for bigger, private offices while still remaining part of the Puzl community of 800+ IT superhumans. The key factor to this unusual demand (in a usual year) is culture. Businesses know that company culture is crucial for team success and that the WFE trend is starting to take its toll on productivity and employee morale in a pretty nasty way. 

So we’ve heard the call, rolled up our sleeves, and came up with a solution. Ladies and gents, we give to you: 

The Greenhouse 

The Dedicated Offices provide plenty of space to grow.

Puzl’s Greenhouse is well-equipped with Dedicated Offices only, shaped to welcome mature or scaling IT companies, that see the importance of:

  • A really cool, fully-serviced workspace that inspires productivity, but also feels like a second home. 
  • Maximum flexibility, as it’s never been easier to upscale and downscale, handle rotation-based principles of work. 
  • Fostering great company culture in a state-of-art physical environment that helps to attract great talents and build up employer brands.
  • A great location in a well-developed business area that is easily accessible by public transport, with all that you’d need around here - places to eat, plenty of supermarkets, clothing and sports shops that are within a walking distance.

And guess what? On top of this - those offices are fully customizable and ‘brand enabled’, as our kickass internal architectural studio is up to fulfill any wild dream you’ve ever had for your office. 

Work and get silly together in this 86 people Dedicated Office - the biggest jewel in the Greenhouse crown.

But that’s not the only thing we took further. 

We care a lot about how the Puzl workspaces look. Like a lot. With the Greenhouse floor, we topped everything we’ve done so far, learned from some f**k ups, and bettered our formula. 

With that in mind, Greenhouse earned its name for a reason, as this time we decided to use even MORE natural materials. Together with the massive wooden desks, raw concrete, and stylish metal elements that are already a Puzl signature, with the Greenhouse, we introduced the use of clay (for a more cozy vibe), earth-like colors (proven to be great for concentration and overall productivity), and more greenery than we’ve ever placed before on a floor. 

Chit-chat with a coworker, play some quick rounds of Cards Against Humanity in the lunch breaks or just chill in Greenhouse's pretty damn cozy relax area.

We could write a full-blown article (and we just might do) on the matter of how all these things combined affect well-being, concentration, vibe, productivity, and boost positive mindset, but for now - take our word for it. Or just ask the folks from OpenTag, who are the first to experience the Greenhouse’s superpowers! 

Or better yet - feel free to come around for a visit and check the Greenhouse out! But keep in mind that you might accidentally fall in love at first sight. :)