The adventure of Puzl began as an IT coworking for small and medium-size companies, with most of our members having a team of 8 to 20 people. Providing the needed tools and the right environment for startups is our mission.
However, over the last 12 months, we’ve seen an increased demand from larger teams who are looking for greater flexibility and better service, so we decided it’s high time we expand office flexibility for all!

This shouldn't come as a surprise, while coworkings have been gaining more and more traction, office building developers are pushing companies to sign longer and longer leases. This means that companies renting traditional offices have been forced to predict ahead their growth for the forthcoming 4-5 years, to make sure that the spaces they rent will be able to cater to their growth and needs of the next few years.  

So here is the question to all scaleups and corporates: Why continue paying today an office for your needs of tomorrow?  

We feel this question becomes more relevant by the day, when COVID-19 and the recession to follow gives less clarity on how to keep conducting business as usual.

Now, everyone knows we’re a dash mad and bubbling with passion, so it should not come as a big surprise that instead of taking the standstill position in difficult times we are moving forward with full acceleration. For us, this means developing a new product and renovating old industrial buildings to answer the very imminent need for more flexible office spaces for large teams.

So, this new addition to the coworking is a particularly exciting one for us, because for the first time we are building workspaces for medium to large companies, aka scaleups and corporates that have a team of 50+. This means that the new space, depending on the member mix could welcome teams too that have reached and stepped over the whopping 100 employee line.

But let’s take a step back and understand the history and the economics behind traditional workspaces and how flexible office spaces, like coworkings,  are able to answer all the needs of larger teams.

How COVID and the recession to follow is changing workspace requirements and needs of employees.

Remote and flexible working trends have been on the rise for a while now - it’s reported that in the US alone, flexible work arrangements rose 44% over the last 5 years - and the post-COVID reality will accelerate their adoption across all businesses (that can adopt such flexibility of course). Working remotely or at least with greater flexibility is supported by a myriad of product and cloud-based solutions, as technology allows employees to contribute from wherever they may be, we are entering into a new reality of the future of work.

However, remote work is not the same as work from home. It means not necessarily doing the 9 to 5 in the HQ.  Many people cannot afford the luxury to work from home – simply because they do not have the needed space, the ergonomic setup to recreate a working environment. In addition to this, where working from home may be perfect for seasoned independent professionals, it does not suit the majority of the workforce. Managers, junior employees, new recruits, but also collaborative work and brainstorming all require face to face time.

Will complete home office and remote work become the new norm? Highly unlikely.

Over the past 5 years in Puzl we’ve had the chance to follow complete life-cycles of growing companies and many of them have been going back and forth from moving remote to moving back to the office. Where do you place the bar? Will you allow 1 or 2 days remote a week? Will you have a percentage of your team working remote?

An office brings much more than a work environment, it is a tool for social integration that form communities, forges friendships which then foster collaboration and subsequently lead to higher performance and better knowledge sharing. As remote-work surveys often mention, people are most concerned about becoming lonely and detached when working from home, they start stalling in their growth, due to the lack of social interactions and collaborative work. Not to mention completely falling out of company culture and sometimes even, decision-making processes.

Unless your work is very independent (sales, creative, design, etc.) or you are a sought-after senior in your field being able to afford to work from anywhere, the rest of us would most probably want to come back to the office environment one way or the other.

Planning growth for years ahead is difficult, even harder when it’s turbulent times in the economy. Adding on top of this complexity, the planning of office needs becomes quite impossible. The great news is that we’ve got you covered! Puzl’s flexible workspace solution is the answer to the planning shenanigan.

What does Puzl offer for scaleups and corporates.

Flexibility is our middle name, so adaptive rental terms, on-demand scale-up or down of office space and lavish industrial style with high-class ergonomics are all-inclusive.

We are still going to turn these rugged old socialist monsters into beautiful industrial offices, building on top of the experience we gained over the years - but this time we are going to work closely with the future teams on their own layout, design needs and customization requests and bring together the best of both worlds. Our expertise and your personal (well, company) need for your team.

We are currently planning 350 new workstations in Zavod Vitosha on bul. Cherni Vrah 47, where we already have our community of 600 IT humans.

Dope Office :)
Classy meeting room

Benefits of Puzl corporate offices.

More for less

Puzl’s opportunistic business model lowers the costs, compared to Class A office buildings. Offices in Puzl are on average 15% cheaper per employee thanks to its efficient operations while also saving valuable time and resources for members (we are the invisible Office Manager you always wanted but never had)

The figures above show how Puzl Sofia and Puzl Budapest prices compare to that of the local Class A offices

All-inclusive everything

Puzl's fully furnished and serviced workspaces, combined with flexible terms, and multiple value-added services provide a unique highly attractive option for an increasingly large number of corporations. These workspaces also come with high-level internet and networking (access points, switches, firewalls, routers, etc.) managed by us, security (private access, private video surveillance, access point control, private internet network, etc.) and cleaning.

Office customization

Puzl offers corporations the option to have a custom office fit-out which is configured based on their criteria.  Our in-house architectural studio customizes spaces by brand requirements, building on top of Puzl’s base interior design which is already optimized for IT needs. This way we limit the fit-out needed and can quickly and cost-efficiently implement the space of your dreams.

Flexibility and growth

Puzl’s coworking model is applied to the corporate office product, meaning on-demand scaling up or down of workspaces depending on actual needs and change-friendly rental terms. Puzl offers what we call Growth Plans, giving companies the option to either reserve or have priority over more desks following company growth.

Location and accessibility

There are multiple comfort-enhancing amenities all around Puzl’s offices, in the vicinity of 500 meters you will find numerous coffee shops, restaurants, gym, grocery store, sports and beauty shops and a mall. The neighborhood is also highly accessible by public transport (metro, bus and tram stop in 300 meters vicinity), bicycle and we offer over 50+ parking posts.


Becoming an integral part of the biggest IT community in Bulgaria is a great value for knowledge-sharing, networking and collaborating with startups and seasoned professionals. We run a number of community initiatives and activities and provide access to over 20+ of our communal areas in the coworking.

More Dope Offices :)
Mountain views and a lot of light - we have them

Hey, we are really excited about this step as our aim was always to be able to welcome large teams into Puzl - more balance and more knowledge and skill sharing to the whole community. Win-Win!

If you always wanted to have a dashing office like Puzl, but were too big for us, your time is now!

Drop us a line at, we’ll be happy to show you around in your new home.