We started dreaming about this place from the moment that we set foot in the Vitosha ex-sewing factory and we started speaking about it almost 800 days ago.

On July 15, 2019 we saw our dream come true. We opened Puzl CoCafé and accomplished two of our major aims:

  • To provide an extraordinary place for our community to gather, meet and celebrate their wins.
  • To set the next level of flexibility for all those people that want to join our community but are not working solely in the IT industry. Bug shout out to all the globetrotters, digital nomads, creatives, solo entrepreneurs out there! 

Industrial to our bones.

When building the CoCafé, we kept our signature industrial design style and we used a lot of natural materials in the interior. We used everything that we learned in our office journey and we made all the tables big enough, so that you can sit and enjoy your coffee while setting up your workstation. All the chairs are so comfy that you wouldn’t even notice how fast time flies while working. In brief - we made sure the ergonomics of an office is meeting the liveliness of a coffee shop. 

What can you expect from the CoCafé?

Here we are setting up a next level of flexibility -  you pay only for the days that you show up. And if you don’t want to deal with separate payments, you can also grab a monthly membership plan.

In general, the CoCafé is designed to answer the needs of the modern day flexible workperson:

  • Quiet working area with monthly-subscription based Hot Desks;
  • Two big meeting rooms for executive meetings, workshops and brainstorming sessions;
  • A bar area where everyone can enjoy a glass of wine or their mandatory morning coffee;
  • The café working area - for all who enjoy the vibe forking from a café, but also require comfort and great internet to be productive;
  • Rooftop terrace for the chills, morning yoga, networking parties and many other cool social events;
The Café working area - large tables, comfortable chairs, and everything else you need to rock.

During July (our pilot month), the Puzl CoCafé has been a gathering place for the whole Puzl community, as well as Sofia's tech and startup community with different parties, networking events and get togethers. We’ll continue nurturing the relationships in this sector by opening our member-only event Social Thursday to the public. 

I’m closing this article with a photo of the amazing view that we have in Puzl CoCafé and an invitation to come and visit us and work with us or network with the community.

Ze amazing rooftop terrace. Oh, what a view, what A view!