In this Blog Post, we're meeting one of our newest joiners - Stan Kirilov. Who founded Stan.Vision according to his own…well - vision.💡In a casual chat about the secret sauce of great user experience and what it takes to create it. 🖌️Bonus: what might be the unknown relationship between UX-ers and Detectives? 🔎 Scroll down to know it all! 🤓

Tell us a bit more about the story of Stan.Vision and your role in it:

I was a product designer and decided to quit my job because it was repetitive. There was no dynamic, no diversity. But I also thought that I have enough experience to start something solo, so I became a freelancer. 🚀 

Not long after, it turned out that I actually needed to hire extra people. 👥👥 Four years later, we were 15 people in a 350 sq. m. office doing everything - product design, web design, webflow development, strategy. 

So, my vision was and still is to have one of the best agencies in Europe or even worldwide. Focused on quality, rather than quantity and working with detail-oriented clients. We can say the vision is to deliver fewer projects but on a much higher level. ⛰️

What's the achievement that made you the proudest so far?

We have won several awards so far. 🏆 [Editor’s Note: Check them on] But the biggest achievement for me is that we really are highly competitive with top agencies worldwide. 🌍 If you go to the website of a world class agency, you’ll see similar quality being delivered. Our clients agree with that. And hearing it from them is the greatest. We get all of our clients via recommendations and mouth-to-mouth. Stan.Vision’s vision achieved, that’s the biggest achievement! 😎

Do you think that the power of great user experience is still somehow underestimated?

Our core is user experience. Just this morning I saw an interesting graph about Apple’s enterprise value 🔗 versus Google + Amazon + Meta. For me, this success of Apple comes because of their focus on user experience. 🍏 Most of the brands underestimate it, yes. And they fail. Everything starts from the user. There’s one thing that each and every brand should do - talk to its customers all the time, get feedback, and keep improving constantly. To talk to as many people as possible and then evaluate. At the evaluation stage - this is where the brand value steps in too. So, it’s like the equilibrium point between user feedback and core values where the magic happens. ⚖️

Would you advise people to start working in your field or not? Why?

It might sound like a cliché but the first thing anyone needs to do is find something that they really like doing. Try! If you try it and you like it - continue doing it. If it’s for the money, for them fame, it’s not going to work out. If you feel like it's your purpose - absolutely do it. ❤️

At the moment, the field is very competitive. This is the future. If people really strive to get financial freedom, I think digital products are going to help society to move in that direction. 💰

[Editor’s Note: Asking Stan if there’s a must quality in the field.] In our company - I’m definitely not the creative one. I’m systematic and I create the user experience part because I follow the logic chain easily. So, we can’t say even creativity is a must. Maybe persuasion - to keep following the trends. Sometimes we talk with companies which hire designers, work with them for years and everything stays on the same level. It doesn’t develop. They use what they know, they’re too comfortable with that. You need to jump out of your comfort zone, out of the box, to keep experimenting. You’ll fall behind otherwise. 🏇

How did you find Puzl and why did you decide to join the Community?

Ah, you have a great website and we really appreciated the jokes! Haha. 😂 We followed our own advice and wanted to get out of our comfort zone, to dive into a different atmosphere. We visited a few places here in Sofia but Puzl really grabbed us with the design, with the liveliness. The place is literally alive and breathing. The terrace of Barter is a plus too. ☕

What's your favorite joke, saying, or just an advice that you'd like to share with everyone?

"It's elementary to do it!" That’s my catchphrase and my approach to everything problematic. Don’t get scared, just find the right way. 💪

Got you interested? Check their website. 🔗

Wanna know more? You can Slack @ Stan Kirilov, add him on Linkedin or find them on the Factory 2.0 floor. 😉