In early 2015 we discovered an abandoned floor in an old factory. It was semi-destroyed, disgustingly dirty and super dusty. We loved it. So much that we spent the next 6 months working 24/7 to turn it into a place where people would actually like to go to and work. And they did. The first ones who came in in October were so eager to start they even helped us assemble the very desks and chairs they’d be working on (Shoutout to Metrilo!).

In the past 2 years, we’ve become like a family. An ever-growing family that’s now nearly 400 people (kind of like with those crazy Italian families, in which just when you thought you knew everyone, there comes along a new cousin you never even knew you had). Seeing each other every day, working side by side, sharing the good and helping each other in the bad moments. At times even spending more time with each other, than with our loved ones (sorry, mom! I love you!).

This October we turned 2 years old. That’s like 8 in startup years! Tell you the truth, we’re quite proud of what we’ve managed to achieve in such a short amount of time. Notable accomplishments include (but are not limited to):

• Not fucking up (right?).
• Opening 3,000m2 of coworking space.
• Renovating another 2,500m2 (work never stops…).
• Building a family of 350+ people (♥).
• Making friends with hundreds of others (hellooo Sofia IT community!).
• Becoming the biggest IT coworking space in CEE (yay us!).
• Becoming the best coworking space in Bulgaria (yay us!x2).
• Being generally cool and friendly.

Of course, none of that would’ve been possible without ze amazing IT community in Sofia. Hats off to you and thanks for:

• Making our space feel like home.
• Helping us do our job better.
• Being patient.
• Especially when we are behind schedule.
• Also, getting your hands dirty.
• You know, when we kindly ask you to carry 150kg desks 6 floors up.
• Supporting our (*cough* Thibaut’s *cough) crazy ideas. 
• Being the best partners in crime.
• Smiling at us, even when we screw up.

Abe basically, thank you. Now to the fun part. In celebration of them 2 amazing years we are taking a trip down on Memory Lane, and opening our archives of silly weird photos and videos. We hand-picked only the best. Enjoy: