For the sake of dramaticism and impact, we can say that Factory 2.0 was a long-awaited and thoroughly planned dream of ours that came true now, but that’d be so over the top. And that’s not how we go over the top.

However, we do go over the top in other ways - with outrageous ideas that we manifest and make real, no matter how crazy they sound in the time/space spectrum. “Do or do not - there’s no try” - our Barefoot Founder… ummm, no, Yoda once said!

So this spring, by the time we decided to “pivot” the original Factory floor (aka 4th floor at Siven building) and transform it into Puzl’s first corporate product to welcome a team of 200+ folks into the Puzl IT-community, we were bound to find, design and build its worthy successor that will move the legacy forward.

As we know from the laws of physics - energy doesn’t disappear, it just transforms.

So we started preparing. And planning. And designing. And calculating. We had roughly 1 month to complete the project. And while doing so, we might have said F*$K one too many times, as transforming the space for the given time that we had, seemed like something Tom Cruise and Chuck Norris all together wouldn’t be able to handle. But as we are persistent and determined like that, we dived in - the game was afoot. And we’re happy to say that we did it - for one month only we managed to renovate the floor and open the gates on July 20th 2020 (a happy number, right?)!

Well, well, well, what we have here for the coworkers?

Once you step through Factory 2.0’s big, heavy metal door, you’ll find all that any young entrepreneur and startup will need for a productive and comfy work environment.

The Factory 2.0 has a capacity to welcome 70 IT folks in total within 2 Dope Offices, 8 Team Desks and 12 Individual Desks. The new floor also has 2 meeting booths, 2 meeting rooms, 1 phone booth where you can host your rendezvous and the obligatory kitchen, which we made to have an edgy bar-like look this time.

Our favorite place is the amphitheater-like chill zone overlooking the floor, with a beautifully designed library on top (with lots of cool reads in it).

Of course, Factory 2.0 is ‘dressed’ with Puzl’s signature industrial design and the huge windows that belt the area provide plenty of natural light. Desks, as always, are custom-made and stable enough to carry the weight of any company’s growth. ;)

In design we trust. Here’s what we came up with.

With the time frame of 1 month that we set for ourselves, the Factory 2.0 had to be fully renovated and that, as you can imagine, ain’t an easy job. And among all the renovation activities, there are some that really stand-out and made us level up!

  • We designed, constructed, mounted and positioned the desks on the floor with a humongous overall weight of 2 tons. They were carried by hand through 10 floors by 3 people, in 1 day. On a side note, Superman flew across our space that day and was super impressed by the achievement!

  • The piece of wonder which the amphitheater library is, was designed, outlined, crafted and mounted in only 2 weeks. For it, we consciously decided to strive for a minimal waste process and used materials we’ve had in storage, which made the challenge even more funky!

  • 3 km of cables were stretched through the floor.

  • Fuckups? We have them! The metal covers for the cable canals were kinda 5 meters short on length and they were one of the last things to install, so you can imagine the surprise we had a few days before the opening, as it usually takes up to 4 days to produce one of those. Well, we managed to get the proper-sized cover produced, transported and put in place for one day only. Crazzeeh!

  • Haste makes waste and well, we literally did. We recycled roughly 500 kilograms of paper and construction waste. Basically, everything that could have been recycled, we did recycle. And we’re pretty damn proud about it, yeah!

So, who will keep you company in Factory 2.0?

Although Factory 2.0 just came to be, we already have some happy, long-time troppers there to welcome the newbie coworkers (Yes, we have free desks! Finally!)

IMAGGA - Image recognition technology wrapped in powerful API, to help enterprise and devs make sense of their image content.

Toxicality - A mobile entertainment and games development company founded by experienced gaming veterans.

Travizer - Travizer delivers ERP and CRM solutions (mainly NetSuite) and implements the respective customized solution at the customer side.

The Videonauts - Helping businesses find the best artists to match their style, convey their message, and create outstanding videos.

TaxiMe - A mobile app that saves time and hassle by connecting you to a quality taxi driver as quickly as possible. Ride in comfort.

Sparklet Solutions - Software company specializing in the development of embedded and systems software.

ClaimHelp - Helping air passengers overcome the hassle experienced due to flight cancellation, delayed flights and denied boarding.

Wanna join the ride? Come around for a test day and see how it feels!

In and out! We’re off preparing for the opening of our very next floor, so stay tuned!