We’re huge fans of constant improvements, especially when it comes to the interior of our spaces. Some changes aim to optimize the coworking experience, others are purely focused on design aesthetics and third (our favorite!) combine the best of both worlds. The latest upgrades to The Space would fall under the third category, since they look quite cool and come in very handy.

Red Phone Booth

This beauty is a present from our friends from MEAVO, who are pros in office phone booths production. They provided our community with their latest model "Shoreditch" so that we could test it and suggest improvements. Since it’s been installed in The Space, the booth rarely stays empty and the feedback about it is great. Initially, we had planned a different location for it, but everyone loved it so much that it will probably stay where it is. 😊


Puzzle Bar Tables & Chairs

In 2018 Puzl's renovation team almost doubled and we took up a notch our furniture production. As a result, some new designs arrived last week and enhanced the community kitchen in The Space.

We decided to optimize the kitchen space by replacing the big kitchen table with 3 smaller bar tables that can be easily turned into one big community bar. This change is particularly useful for social gatherings, karaoke nights and other fun stuff that we do after work.

Coming up next…

Next on the renovation radar is the Puzl reception on the 4th floor. It’s time to replace the old desks with a fancy bureau that will allow the operations team to feel much more comfi and receive new visitors in style. This one is still a work in progress and we don't have pictures yet, but we'll definitely share it on Facebook and Instagram when it's done.

Stay tuned!