Data Science Society Networking is a casual beer-filled-event for people interested in data science. Happening every first Wednesday of the month.

Who are you? 

My name is Sergi and I’m one of the organizers at Data Science Society, a volunteer organization that we started in 2014. 

Also, I'm known as  a social person who likes to be surrounded by friends. My hobby is hiking in the mountains ⛰️, skiing 🎿 or snowboarding 🏂 during the winter, swimming or diving during the summer 🤿, or traveling around the world 🧳. Favourite sports are basketball 🏀 and volleyball 🏐which I’m still practicing at least once per week, and recently I discovered a new one to play with my daughter, which I like most. 😊

Professionally, I'm a special breed specialist called Retail Data Scientist, a wizard 🪄 that can leverage each online and retail business by applying the latest AI models in day-to-day digital marketers' or buyers' work, in order to improve their final results. In the last 7 years, I developed Data Solutions - an AI consulting company in the field of eCommerce and Retail. I'm currently advising and contributing to a project called ShopUp. It's focused on optimizing products portfolio and recommending product-driven campaigns, based on customer patterns and interests, combing eCommerce data with advanced #AI #Retail techniques. 😱

Meanwhile, I’m a mentor in several universities, a speaker at international conferences, and part of a jury team for two of the biggest AI congresses in Europe. 

As part of my journey, I participated in or led different startup projects, like Tickey, MaxCart, ShopUp Wifi analytics, and Decision Marketing, and also worked in big corporations in leading positions. 🗄️

Why Data Science Society Networking?

Back in 2014, there were no communities or meetups in that area. With a bunch of friends, we decided to create the Data Science Society as a platform. A place where people can share and learn from each other via different activities, hosted in a friendly environment. Up to now, we have organized  80+ meetups, 10+ International Datathons (hackathons with defined tasks and datasets), some Summer schools, DataKids sessions. And for the last year, we have been doing our regular beer gatherings every first Wednesday of the month. 🍻 We really want to thank Puzl and Barter for the support and the opportunity to use their location. 💛

Our main drivers are to create a place where such rare ‘animals’ 🐙 called Data Scientists can see each other, share their problems or ideas, brainstorm, find some solutions, or simply get to know each other. For instance, at the last beer event on the rooftop, I put on the table something new that I was working on and I heard several suggestions from a top professor and from experts with huge experience, which I then put into practice and got great results. ⚡

Initially, we started internationally with a lot of digital events. But we took the decision that it is important for us to be local and create such a society in Bulgaria. Therefore, we keep our focus on the physical meetings and discussions, without excluding online events whenever necessary, as it creates much more opportunities for networking and experience exchange. 🔄

What should a first-time goer know?

That we're a volunteer organization and we're experts which are willing to learn by experimenting, share what we have, and help each other. We're practionals and our passion is data and all its variations to work with it. It can be pure science, math, modelling, engineering, programming, or visualizations. Most of us are nerds and love to talk about what we're doing and what kind of results we are achieving in our work. We get to know each other very well and we also create good friendships, so come to share a beer with us and explore data together. Don’t forget your good mood and big smile! 😊 The only “must” is to be open for new opportunities and enjoy the time. 😉

Sold! When and where?

Every first Wednesday of the month @ Barter. [Puzl Note: that's in Vitosha Building, rooftop]. Closest one is tonight at 7:00 pm. You can follow the website for future ones.

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