The Django Bulgaria Meetup group is for everyone interested in Django - the most popular Python-based web development framework.

During the meetups, you can hear about or share some good practices, speak and learn from production experience, and explore the vast Python & Django ecosystem.

Who are you?

Hi, I'm Radoslav Georgiev, the CEO of HackSoft, and I have been one of the folks behind the organization of the Django Bulgaria Meetups since 2016. 👋 People might also know me from one of the first academies in Bulgaria - HackBulgaria or from HackConf. 🎤

But when it comes to software development, I’m an active Python 🐍 & Django 🦎 user with around 11 years of experience. In fact, Django is one of our primary tools we use, to build software at HackSoft. 💻

Why Django Bulgaria Meetup?

We are very keen on sharing knowledge and interacting with the global Django community. We’ve been doing this for quite some time - speaking at EuroPython & DjangoCon Europe and also maintaining one of the popular Django Styleguides. 💪🏻

And this is why we want to have a healthy Django community in Bulgaria - to share and exchange experiences with others, who also rely on the Django framework to deliver their software & products. In 2016, it all started with a simple Facebook group which eventually turned into a semi-regular meetup, doing 4-5 meetings per year. And while we were trying to establish a good rhythm with the meetups, the pandemic came and everything stopped.

Last year, we decided to resume our efforts & bring back the Django Bulgaria community to its previous state and grow it even further. For 2023, our goal is to have at least 1 meetup per month, for the months that make sense, aka with a short summer break. 🗓️

What should a first-time goer know?

Basically one thing - what’s the topic of the specific meetup. The community is quite warm & welcoming and we try to talk with everyone new, so they don’t feel like an imposter. 👥👥👥

And if the first-time goer wants to dive a little deeper, there are 5 things to know:

1. We ask a lot of questions during a meetup, so that a proper discussion can take place. 🙋
2. After the meetup is over, we follow-up with networking & talks in Barter Community Hub, which is just across the room. 🍹
3. All materials are then followed-up on the official Meetup page. 🔗
4. And in the Django Bulgaria Facebook group. 🔗
5. We tend to either stream the meetups on Zoom or on YouTube. So if you cannot make it in person, check the description of the event for the online meeting details. 📺

Last by not least, we are welcoming new speakers to join the Django meetup! So, If anybody who’s reading the article has a Django related topic to share with the community, feel free to contact teodora[at]

Sold! When and where?

Django meetups are being organized every month in Creativity Room, right across Barter Community Hub. [Puzl Note: that's in Vitosha Building, rooftop]. The date is not fixed, so if you want to join one of our meetups, follow us online!

🗓️ 🔗 The next Django Bulgaria Meetup is happening on February 27th at 7:15 PM.

Bring your good mood and a smile. Leave the rest to us! 😉
Pssst. Since HackSoft is celebrating its 9th birthday this month 🎂, we will provide free beers for those who come to the venue. Cheers! 🍻

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