"Ruby Banitsa is an event filled with Ruby and Banitsa. We get together in Sofia, Bulgaria, nom some fresh pastry and talk about tech. All this in a casual setting."

Who are you?

I am Genadi Samokovarov, а Ruby on Rails and Rubocop contributor and organizer of the Balkan Ruby conference. I like building stuff. Be it software development or electronic music, I dive into everything that makes me excited. 👤

Why Ruby Banitsa?

Ruby Banitsa was born back in 2017 after we ordered 50 kilos too much banitsa for a conference. We decided to use the excess for another event - a meetup that we called Ruby Banitsa. [Puzl Note: Good job, no food should be wasted! 🐽]

What should a first time goer know?

We are friendly and we dig into Ruby and satellite technologies.

Sold! When and where?

More or less, on a monthly basis in Creativity Room. [Puzl Note: that's in Vitosha Building, rooftop]. Closest one is tonight at 6:30 pm. You can follow the website for future ones.

Genadi's Website: http://gsamokovarov.com/
Ruby Banitsa's Website: https://rubybanitsa.com/