However, podcasts been around for a while, many consider now to be the “Golden Age”, as there are numerous shows out there in any category you can think of. Really - it’s a vast cosmos of choice with a lot of great, a lot of weird and lot of crappy stuff too. 😃 So in order to save you some time browsing and spare you the research, we’ll share some of Puzl’s team favorite podcasts. From business to cooking, politics, finance, architecture, art - we have it all! I mean that sh*t is diverse! You’ll thank us later.

Here are the fav podcasts of the Puzl Team with personal recommendations. Gotta warn you, you will find some weird stuff in there too. Well, that’s just us. 😃

Thibaut, le Barefoot Founder

The Tim Ferriss Show
This one is the best business podcast out there (at least in ranking for 3 years in a row). It is based on analyzing “best of their class” artists, sports and business people, and extract the habits they have.

Check out this link to his top 10:

This one is about tech as a whole and its impact on the world. How it is shaping many different sectors but also the risk involved with such power. 

Petya, Chief Navigator

Beyond the ToDo list 
A lot of productivity hacks coming from different professionals 🙂

Petya usually listens to these podcasts in the morning while commuting (suspended for the time being 😉). Now that’s what we call optimization of time!

Zsofi, Budapest Co-Founder, Navigator

The Jocko podcast
Jocko is a dash neurotic, retired Navy SEAL that runs this militantly simplified yet very persuasive podcast on Youtube. There aren't many jocks who can have a full-blown conversation with Jordan Peterson on existentialism, right? Jocko will give you a kick in the balls and teach the living hell out of you about discipline, leadership and stepping up to the table. Gotta hand it to him, he taught me how to (but most importantly, why) wake up at unholy hours like 5 AM.

Nick, Chief Project Financier

The Knowledge Project 
Huge. Doesn’t have that many episodes, but all of them are detailed, quite long and require paying attention. The creator invites some of the leading authors in their field to talk about their expertise and well... knowledge. 

Describing everyday life in economic terms and looking at economics and everything around it from another angle while making them super understandable. 

This was also Thibaut’s first choice but then he was told to recommend a second one 😃

The Economist Asks 
Frankly, I am surprised how many media companies have amazing podcasts. The Economist is among them. I just added this one this weekend, but the first impression got me excited - it goes to politics and international affairs.

99% invisible 
Great podcasts not only for architects but for everyone caring about the beauty of a city and what people are doing about it. 

Chris, Events & Marketing Wizard

The Tip Off
First-hand stories are always the better option. When talking about first-hand stories from some of the most interesting investigative journalists in the world, then we’re talking about the Tip-Off podcast. You’ll get to know about what it took to do some of the best investigative materials from the recent years and what stands behind some of the biggest media stories out there.

Get Sleepy
Having some hard time getting to sleep? Want to take your mind off things and you wouldn’t like to stare at your screen until you manage to drop off? Then trying some Get Sleepy episodes might be a good idea. Basically, it’s a storytelling podcast with weird, surreal, almost fairytale-ish stories, told by the-most-suiting-voices-in-the-universe. It's created by the joint efforts of writers, voice-over artists and meditation & sleep experts. So far, I’ve managed to listen to only one episode entirely, before drifting off within a few minutes. 

Damyan, Sofia Navigator

Welcome to Night Vale 
Fictional podcast from the town of Night Vale, where every conspiracy theory is true. Dark, amazing humor, deep voice narrator. Twin Peaks meets Stranger Things. ALL HAIL THE GLOW CLOUD!  

The Heart
Amazing short stories with real people talking about love, sex, kinks, intimacy, taboos.

Yepp, that’s Damyan😅

Bon Appétit Foodcast 
Culinary podcast with interesting techniques, guest chefs and it comes with the opportunity to get really opinionated about mac & cheese. And chicken wings. And butter. :D 

Interested in more weird lists from the Puzl team or the coworkers? Drop us a mail here and tell us what weird stuff you wanna know our opinion on.