As we’ve been growing side by side for the last 5 years, we’re so excited that Veda Accounting is hitting the 1-decade milestone! So appropriately, for a 10-years mark, we decided to list the 10 things we love about them (for the record, if it was 30, we could easily list 20 more 😜) and share our POV on why we believe they’re so damn awesome!

Here it goes…

Reason 0

Because Veda is really a next-generation accounting company. They’re fun, tech, and innovation savvy and they wear it on their sleeves! For some, that would be enough recognition, but why stop here?

Reason 1

Because they are the preferred accounting partner for a big part of the Puzl community but also of the Sofia startup and tech ecosystem as well. And yes, we’re an IT coworking space. But companies like Veda, dedicated to support and help tech businesses manage their operations and grow, are always warmly welcomed in Puzl.

Reason 2

Because they're the undisputed meme lords and make us laugh our a$$es off with the cool stuff they come up with!

Reason 3

Not only they make us all laugh, but they do recruit people with memes! We mean, com'on - who wouldn’t want to join Veda with that job ad?

Reason 4

Because they work hard, and play hard! They’re often the last ones to leave the coworking on a busy day, but they sure know how to make the best of their time together and balance between hustling hard and having a blast.

Reason 5

Because they are involved in the development of the ecosystem, as Dani Koev and his team go the extra mile to contribute to meaningful projects and initiatives (BESCO, BattlePass Studio, and the list go on) that will hopefully lead to a much brighter future for the startup ecosystem. Not only that, but Veda created and manage a Facebook group for internship and career opportunities in the accounting and finance sectors, connecting businesses and people looking for work. How cool is that?

Reason 6

Because of their remarkable team spirit and bond. We mean, just look how awesome they are!

Reason 7

Because their approach to aesthetics and respect for tradition is… admirable! 😁

Reason 8

Because they are the best dancers among accountants, and best accountants among the dancers!

Reason 9

Because they rock’n’payroll! 🤘

With all that said - happy birthday, Veda! Keep your cool, continue growing - in years, numbers and achievements, and never, ever stop being SO much fun! 🥂