We launched Puzl CowOrKing as a side gig. Our team needed a cool and unique workspace, but we couldn’t find one. We took a leap of faith in ourselves and went all in, turning a huge factory floor into a shared office.

To be honest, we had no idea that what started as a fun project would become the Best Coworking in Central and Eastern Europe. Or that 2 years down the road there would be more than 600 puzzlers in the old Vitosha Factory.

All we knew was that the world needed community builders more than landlords. And for the past 2.5 years, we’ve worked hard to unite the IT humans in Bulgaria and unleash the power of the local IT community.

We’ve gathered more than 80 startups, scale-ups, and investment funds under one roof and we’ve seen them collaborate and grow together day by day. And recently, we’ve celebrated the 350th event in the Foundry, where we host some of the best tech meetups and knowledge-sharing events in town.


Not a goodbye but a thank you

Everything we’ve achieved is a result of the restless work of our all-star team. We’ve stayed strong through many hurdles and we keep giving our best to make Puzl what it is today - an ever-growing community of remarkable people.

One of these people is our co-founder Anton who’s leaving the Puzl team. Anton’s efforts have been vital for Puzl’s growth in Sofia and abroad. We will miss his guidance and tireless work ethics around the office, the passionate discussions and the fun times we shared. We’re happy that we had the chance to go through this amazing journey. Anton will always remain a dear member of the community we built together and a true friend of the Puzl team. We wish him good luck in all his future endeavors!

Puzl conquers CEE

We’re proud that today Puzl is much more than a coworking space. It is a place where like-minded people share and build meaningful relationships. Where great businesses are born and prosper and where community culture promotes the right mindset for success.

That’s why, 3 coworking spaces later, it’s time to shift gears and spread the awesomeness of Puzl CowOrKing across Central and Eastern Europe. Our region has an unmatched potential and we’ve taken upon the mission to empower local businesses for global success by building a network of connected technology hubs.

Our vision for the upcoming years is to build a Puzl IT Hub in every major city in Central and Eastern Europe, starting with Bucharest, Budapest, and Prague. For many months now, we’ve been evaluating different locations and buildings, we’ve been meeting owners and applying for tenders. We’re currently in the final stages of negotiation for 3 mind-blowing industrial buildings. They are huge in size and will offer us enough physical space to develop the Puzl IT Hub concept and accommodate IT companies of all sizes, R&D centers, innovation labs, and IT schools.

Keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned for good news.


In the meantime, in Sofia

Us heading abroad doesn’t mean that we’ll stop nurturing our Sofia community. Quite the opposite. We’ve recently added two more talented architects to our renovation team who are in charge of our next masterpiece - a gorgeous combination of a rooftop restaurant, a coworking and an event venue. Basically, we’ll allow you to combine tasty meals, focused work and knowledge-sharing with a breath-taking view of Vitosha mountain. Pretty cool, huh?

Our new event space will allow us to host much bigger events than the ones in the Foundry, including tech conferences, grande CoChristmas parties, investor dinners and other formal and informal community events. In addition, we’re cooking (pun intended) a very interesting and completely new concept for the restaurant. We’ll share more about that in our upcoming posts.


We’re growing. Let’s join forces.

Photo credit: CESA Awards

As you see, we have exciting times ahead of us. We’re on the verge of our CEE expansion. We have enough traction to be sure that we’re on the right track. And we need more rock stars to join our team and help us bring our ideas to life.

If you’re a smart and capable doer who wants to support the development of the CEE IT community, don’t miss our job openings:

1. Chief Navigator (we need more Petyas 😊)
2. Office Guardian
3. Worksite Manager
4. CFO
5. Property Acquirer

In the next few months we’ll need a lot of brainpower, so drop us your CV at coworking@puzl.com. Even if you don’t find your dream job now, we’ll get back to you when the right fit pops up.


That’s all for now, folks. After this brief update, I gotta go back to conquering new unexplored territories in the Puzl galaxy. Spread the love if you liked the read and stay tuned for more news from us.

Yours truly,
Miss Voice.